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Originally Posted by GTA_Fan001 View Post
get a APC in TBoGT and get 6 stars its great blowin the shit out of poilce cars and n.o.o.s.e vans try it that hotel get behind the desk with an assault rifle or AK-47 thats pretty good too
also if you get dyanes boys. you know one of the cafes its called the superstar cafe its in algonquin somewere (i dont know the names of places good) but if you get a in game friend Roman etc.. and check all the cafes in algonquin you should find it.
Roman: cousin let us go bowl.... Niko FOR THE LAST TIME ROMAN IM NOT TAKING YOU BOWLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! Roman: ok another time Niko: (sigh) ok another time (drives to Roman) Roman: you changed your mind Niko? Niko:maybe (picks up shotgun and aims at roman) Roman:what are you doing cousin? Niko:something i should have done a long time ago (pulls trigger) Roman:NOO...... Nikogets out phone) ummmm jacob can you help ma get rid of this body before i get the police all over my ass Jacobk rasta i on ma way Niko:good Jacob:hello rasta i aint see you long time Niko:well i have my own buiseness to take care of anyway help me get this body in the trunk Jacob:whys this roman rasta? Niko: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dimitri got him Jacob:OH. END
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Originally Posted by LordLeverette View Post
The top of the sprunk factory (Where those ghetto little bridge-things are on the roof) Is one of the BEST places for a shootout. It has cover incase the choppers come after you. The cops can't go up and reach you, and there's a good escape route that leads a couple buildings over. Simply go there and you'll see what I'm talking about.
me and my friends like to go over to the UN building...block off the entrance with buses and go up on the rooftops

i also had a pretty funny shootout in the porno shop on the southern tip of broker...took cover on the wall next to the bottom of the stairs and blasted cops with shotguns as they came down. there was a huge pile of bodies at the bottom of the stairs...and throwing grenades up onto the street (which i could imagine was filled with cops waiting to run down the stairs) got some pretty nice explosi
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Cool cluck n bell

i always do the shootout in cluck n bell in triangle street its always fun if you blow em up and alot of cops go in because your in a city one time me and my friend planned an escape then we charged the front door and he accidently killed me he thought i was a cop
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