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Fatal Error WS10

Right, I bought GTA IV because of the current Steam sale. Downloaded and install it. tried to run it. Got the above error message "Fatal Error WS10." the message said that I should either restart my computer or reinstall the game. Given it is 15 gb and took all night to download I elected to take the former option.

It worked!

As Nico, I got off the boat and drove to my cousins place. Cut scene started then went black, and stayed black. Hoping this was just long loading times. I rapped a few presents. 10 minutes later, screen still black and the computer was unresponsive to any key commands so I did a hard reset.

When I tried running the game I got the same message, "Fatal Error WS10." This time though nothing is working. With the help of frantic Googling I've tried:
  • [1]Restarting
    [2] Uninstalling / Reinstalling Games for windows live
    [3] Uninstalling, restarting computer then reinstalling gfwl
    [4] Updated all my drivers, video card, motherboard etc
    [5] Uninstalling / reinstalling .NET framework 3.5
    [6] Patching it to 1.004
    [7] Repatching
    [8] Rerepatching
    [9] Rererepatching
    [10] Restarting numerous times
    [11] Signing out then signing in to Social Club
    [12] Signing out and staying signed out of social club
    [13] Sacrificing a chicken to Cthulhu
I'd personally hazard a guess that they have all been as useless as each other.

I've googled this problem, and the only thing I can say for certain is that no one seems certain what causes the error. The message "XNetStartup failed - Please re-boot your system and/or re-install the game" suggests it is a gfwl problem. Which is backed up by personal previous experience with gfwl. With Fallout 3 and Street Fighter 4 gfwl would sometimes just not start. This was annoying but at least those games actually started and could be played when that happened.

I know the game should work, which is something. But at this point the only thing I can think of is to get a crack or redownload the game. Neither of which I really want to do.

So any suggestions anyone?

Thank you in advance for any help.
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i got the same problem ..

please let me know when u know how to solve it
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