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Finally!!!!! Damn glad I thought to have you try the 2010 C++ redist. That was ust an after thought. WHEW!

Oik let me chew your big ass post for a minute and see if we can narrow this new issue down.

By the way you can now stop posting the xlive and scripthook logs. We'll just need the ScriptHookDotNet and AmbientWars logs.

Also switch back to the release and not debug version of xliveless too.

Ok the error is generic and doesn't pinpoint any starting point. It is simply related to the internal Tick.

So you'll need to first isolate which module it's related too.

Start with only having PlayerLogic enable for awhile until or unless you see the problem

If you don't see the problem within a few minutes then disable PlayerLogic and enable ThugLogic with only 1 AI component enabled at a time and repeat the above to see if it's one of them in particular.

To do this just set the properties like so:


This will turn off ThugLogic and only PlayerLogic will be loaded.

Then for ThugLogic:

And these 1 at a time over time until you see the issue.





Between each run, if you do NOT see the error and are moving to th next test, be sure to delete the AW log files so each file only has data related to the test you're about to run. Otherwise it'll be so damn big it'll be impossible to rifle through it since a lot of data will be there related to prevous runs which will be useless.

Since the last call was related to GetRandomThugModel I suggest starting with turning off PlayerLogic and only having UseCarCrews enabled because that is most heavily used from there and might show the error faster for you.

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