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Alot of problems with EFLC on PC

Well i bought the discs a few days ago, installed fine, singleplayer was fine.

was all good till i tried going to multiplayer, i had simple native on and worked fine in singleplayer.

well i had to update live so i do, i sign in to social club, i hear the disc spin up and game imediately crashes.

got rid of the trainer and all associated files, game starts up fine. (damn windows live screwin with it)

so i try multiplayer no cheats/hacks/trainers whatever u wanna call em, it either:

A finds no games
B finds games but like 3
C finds a shitload, try to go into them, loading screen then says lost connection
D i actually get in a game, laggy as hell, kicks me cuz live disconnected
E wont sign back into live
F can be in single player and live disconnects

Anyone having these issues??? this is driving me nuts!

i have live updated, no more modded files or trainers, game has that first patch, im running entirely off the EFLC discs install. gta4 isnt on my PC anymore.
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dude i totally get the same problems..the multiplayer sucks ass, i thought it was my ciomputer but i guess im not the only one, i allways try to find a way to avoid that crap but it allways happens, and when i finally get a good game going it says u have been disconected or my live disconects and i cant connect back..it sucks.... if u know anything about how to fix it please tell thnx..............sorry i cant help u ))))
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