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Offline activation and update to patch 7

So, I have not played GTA IV in over a year. I got a wild hair yesterday while I was at work and decided I was going to play when I got home in the evening. I don't have internet at home so, I checked for new updates while at work. I found patch 7 and took it home with me on a thumb drive. I started up the game before I installed the patch and everything was fine. After installing the patch, I got fatal error ws10.

This is where I started getting frustrated. I rebooted--still ws10. I uninstalled the game and then reinstalled the game--which took forever because I had to do an offline date check and activation from my blackberry. I tried the game again before I patched and it worked. I tried to install the patch and again-- ws10. I decided to say screw it and uninstalled the game again to get it back to vanilla.

During the patch, it says its removing social club. If this is so, then why does the game still launch using social club; asking me to login to my account. If I click on play offline, a window pops up saying that without being logged into social club I can't upload videos and trophies or something. I click ok and then the ws10 happens. I don't have internet for gods sake. I just want to play the campaign.

I'm having to patch manually and there are 3 files after unpacking; 1 packed with media files, 1 called titleupdate, and the other called updatetitle. If I try to avtivate titleupdate, it says it's searching for a strange file name and then says that I must update first. So, I used the update title file; which works successfully. But still ws10!

What do I need to get so I can play this game with the update and offline?
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