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The Best Digital Version of EFLC?

Sorry if this is a silly question, but I am trying to plan my purchase as best as possible to suit my playstyle.

I buy most of my games these days digitally and normally, I am a Steam user when it comes to buying games digitally. However, having previously purchased GTAIV on Steam, I came to realize: Steam-bought games don't work too well with mods. I've browsed youtube and came across dozens of heavily-modded versions of GTAIV that I couldn't do myself (I could only do the lighter mods such as changing weapon strength and whatnot). Now I want to purchase EFLC and be able to play these expansions as well as being able to mod it after exhausting the core game.

So here's my question to you guys. Which digital version of EFLC is the most similar to the disk version post-installation? Preferably one that does not require me to start some sort of Program before I am allowed to start the game (excluding the Rockstar Social Club app which I'm sure was included in the disk version as well) such as Steam, etc etc. So basically, what service would you recommend me buying from? GFWL (although I do hear this isn't that good)? D2D (I hear this service has been very good, though I fear that this service might require me to start up a program too)? Thanks in advance!
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in first instance i should try the the expantions on the game you have and then rather try to use D2D if you say that GFWL is not good. but whats's the problem about starting a prestart of the game?
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