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EFLC PC: Modding text based files is back!

Just got word from Alexander Blade, he did release a asi script to decode the PC files (SdfaDump.asi).
And make this thread a bit unnecessary.

More info

After some limited tests, I can conclude that decrypted / unscrambled files can be read by EFLC PC game engine without any problem. This means that after the decoding of the .txt, .dat, .cvs and xml (ect) files, there is no need to encode them back before being using. This also means that the xbox360 files of the EFLC DVD can be used instead of the encrypted files installed by the EFLC PC installer. The xbox360 files are not encoded and can be easy read and changed for your modding pleasures . All ways to mod the handling lines and weapons stats en co are back open!


Keep in mind that EFLC PC use a uncommon file structure / placement method witch is a bit complicated, or not... Most of the data is stored in the files located in the 'common' map with the exceptions of content exclusive to one expansions TBoGT or TLAD
  • common --> shared files (mostly the same data as GTAIV)
    pc ---------> shared files (PC specific content)
    TBoGT ----> exclusive content to The Ballad of Gay Tony
    TLAD ------> exclusive content to The Lost and Damned
  • - The police car handling lines are found in the /common\data\handling.dat file
    - Where the towtruck handling lines is stored in the /TLAD\common\data handling.dat file
The towtruck is a TLAD exclusive, the police car can be found in both expansions.


I did mention I did only limited tests, therefore I strongly advice to use caution and always backup your original data before experimenting. I don't have access to the xbox360 EFLC files to test more (pm me if you can borrow me the files). In the progress of testing I did successfully replaced the following files:

in /common\data\
  • - loadingscreens_pc.dat with a hacked "no intro logos version" by FunGt (made for GTAIV)
    - handling.dat with the handling.dat file out of GTAIV
    - WeaponInfo.xml with the WeaponInfo.xml from GTAIV
in /TLAD\common\
  • - handling.dat by the xbox360 version posted by Hellzone100 (link)
    I also edited the handling line off the towtruck without any problem.
    I don't have access to more xbox360 text based files, so can't test any further.

I hope someone is working on a real decoder for the files, in the meantime feel free to experiment with this method but don't forget to always make backups your original data and please use this tread or the original one on gtaforums to post all your findings regarding the text based files, this way to mod them and the decoding progress.

I did use the newest xliveless in EFLC when testing.
Don't know if it also works without it.

Sorry for my bad English, my native language is Dutch.
Mods and admins feel free edit my post to make it more 'reader friendly'.

With thanks to GTAForums members Slayermaggot, listener and Hellzone100

Just got word from Alexander Blade, he did release a asi script to decode the PC files of EFLC PC.

More info
http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtop...st&p= 1059880550
Sorry for my bad English.
I can read and understand it fine, but writing is a other manner...

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