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Old 03-25-2010   #46
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Shinn is an unknown quantity at this point
It'd be cool if they can add more actions to what the character can do.
Things like:
+ Usable Umbrella
+ Smoking
+ Music Player
+ Facial Expressions?

etc etc.

- More destructible things would be nice (Maybe even buildings if weapons were strong enough).
- Trains are drivable again
- More building interiors, not just shops. Regular houses are enter-able.
- Car dashboard/mirrors works.
- Cars are customizable V.I.A garage, including interior customization.
- Working convertible cars. (Car roof can be stowed away for sunny days, and can be put back on a push of a button)

Re-adding in the Tanks would be cool!
Also the diving under water, that was pretty fun.
Adding subs would be cool as well.
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Mercaton is an unknown quantity at this point
Not sure if this has been mentioned but I would love to be able to get in to a proper street race with some random... (i.e. not organized or them running scared )
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Stu will become famous soon enoughStu will become famous soon enoughStu will become famous soon enoughStu will become famous soon enoughStu will become famous soon enoughStu will become famous soon enoughStu will become famous soon enoughStu will become famous soon enoughStu will become famous soon enough
-tweak the physics so as to still be realistic, but not to the effect of pointlessly taking the fun out of stuff. It was disappointing not being able to stand on top of moving automobiles and trains without falling off in GTAIV
-the return of crazy cheats, to take advantage of the new technology. A no-death one for instance would make freefalling out of choppers and bouncing off the ground pretty fun, as well as being tossed about by explosions
-context sensitive controls not just restricted to specific missions, but standard features e.g. being able to cling to the roof of a vehicle and making your way to the driver's seat, stun punches
-if you shoot a particular body part of an enemy, it actually get's disabled, rather than them just momentarilly reacting to it, then just going into a generic limp. I want the option to disable an enemy's gun hand so I can finish them off with a melee
-have asian criminal organisations more involved in the story. I liked the Yakuza and Triad stuff from the earlier games. Give the Mafia a rest for awhile
-More ludicrousness and extreme situations involving parachutes and stunts and set pieces
-allow the passage of time in the story, so we can have part of it (location allowing)set during winter, with snow. Creating gaps of time would have the bonus of DLC being created for the same character to show a missing set of missions. Also use the weather where appropriate to make missions more interesting and atmospheric. A shootout on a rooftop during a thunderstorm, for instance.
-Add a TIVO type thing to the in-game televisions, allowing you to choose what you want to watch as an alternative to just channel-hopping randomly
-more of the internet. There's a youtube like website on there that I get the feeling was meant to feature videos generated using the in game engine, but they cut it for time. stuff like that would be cool. Actually, it could even be something that users contribute to via the social club video generator, either using vids made for GTA IV, or being something that's added to the site via an update for the game.
-there's THREE face buttons used for combat(two for punches, one for kicking), so how about being able to create more combos from them?
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Old 04-12-2010   #49
GTA Girl
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GTA Girl is an unknown quantity at this point
The stat and RPG elements of San Andreas.

And maybe an exotic location, like a city in Europe or Rio De Janero. I think the slums/favelas of Rio De Janero ala City of God would be amazing in a GTA.
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Old 04-12-2010   #50
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kingcj is on a distinguished roadkingcj is on a distinguished roadkingcj is on a distinguished roadkingcj is on a distinguished road
i didn't give the deatails orderwise i just wrote as i thought.
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MyakuX9 is an unknown quantity at this point
A lot of awesome suggestions so far! My list is kinda TL;DR, but I'm doing it to organize my own thoughts as well; here goes!

Some people have already said this, but:

- More gangs. Italians and Russians get boring after a while. I like the Chinatown Wars setup, where there's like 5 or 6 gangs, and each of them have clearly demarcated albeit sometimes overlapping territories, creating the possibility of player-independent conflict. Sometimes, I just like watching people shoot each other while I run around, cover and watch the action. It would be cool to video record somehow!

- The drug-dealing mini-game in Chinatown Wars should DEFINITELY make a comeback. I think I spent more time on it than on the actual game itself...

- BUYING STUFF. Exorbitantly expensive safehouses give you a reason to hoard money. There should be a LOT more clothes. Different foods should replenish varying amounts of health, as in SA. More hair cuts and appearance customization. There should be more styles, like Goth, Emo, Gangster, Scene, Metro, etc. There should just be MORE stuff to spend your money on, in general.

- Maybe an electronics store? Could sell different models of phones and Media Players. Say the crappiest one could store like, 5 songs, and the best one like 100. Phones could have different features.

- Stuff to put in your safe houses. Bongs, TV's, Stereos, Pipes, Computers, Paintings, maybe even have an Interior Decorator who you can hire through CrapList to customize your walls, floors, lights, fixtures, and furniture or something?

- MELEE WEAPONS. C'mon, at least 5 different ones. I want katanas and dildoes! (no homo)

- More Asians.

- More Asian girls. (Not azn or anything, just noticed a serious lack in GTA IV)

- More prostitutes! (Plz no more fat black ones R*)

- VIOLENCE! I remember in the PC version of GTA III (or was it Vice City?) you could blow people's arms, legs, and heads off. I was 10 years old when GTA 3 came out and haven't played it since then, so I may be mistaken...but come on, it's already rated M, give us more freedom to mutilate our victims!

- Damage detail. GTA IV really hit the nail on the head with this one.

- Drug USAGE!! You can already get drunk. In Saint's Row, you can get high...why not simulate the effects of other drugs? Obviously, none of them will be realistic or even give the slightest hint as to what actually being on drugs in real life feels like, but it can still be fun. Just imagine some really creepy, yet eerily beautiful color and audio distortion whilst under the effects of Magic Mushrooms! On weed, time could slow down at random moments, and maybe the controller could start pulsing randomly, when you feel your heart beating through your whole body!

- Many different avenues of making money. Assets from VC, Territories from SA, and Drug Dealing from CW should all be featured.

- Martial Arts training.

Welp, those are just the ones off the top of my head that I really want to see. Nothing I've said is really new, and everything listed is DEFINITELY doable (for the PC at least hehe). I want GTA IV+ graphics combined with SA options and customization.

Finally, one thing I thought off that would be cool would be an extension of the dancing minigame...you'd be able to either turn up the car stereo really loud or buy a boom box (at the aforementioned Electronics store?) and then just set it down somewhere, tune it to your favourite song, and start up a dancing mini-game. If you're doing it really well, maybe you could get a little crowd forming a circle around you on the street. Maybe girls would want to follow you back to your car, maybe people would throw money at you as you dance? Who knows, it'd be fun though

I would be very supportive of a female protagonist, if they managed to pull it off right (ie no gangsta girls please...) Or even better, multiple characters throughout the story who have interwoven plot lines (some become friends and can use each other's safehouses/assets/territories/w.e...dunno how it would work, would take a lot of thinking and planning really)
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Gonza5501 is an unknown quantity at this point
Anyone else think Tokyo would be a good setting? That would leave room for mountain areas, urban jungles, and some forest areas. It would probably lead to some pretty impressive environments.

I also agree that its time Rockstar gave a female protagonist a chance. Hmmm... perhaps being able to SELECT male or female and have the story make adjustments here and there to accomodate each. Or perhaps their paths cross like Niko, Johnny and Luis. That could add tons of replay value.

San Andreass property management system NEEDS to return, another thing that was great in SA was the massive size of the map. If you think about it, in IV you don't really need a plane to get from one area to another. In SA you did! Also the areas were so different that it felt like you were driving across an entire country, PLEASE Rockstar get that feeling back into the game!

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Old 06-29-2010   #53
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Like in GTA VCS we can make out gang builduings.

this feature is good and it should be there.
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stanko will become famous soon enoughstanko will become famous soon enoughstanko will become famous soon enoughstanko will become famous soon enoughstanko will become famous soon enoughstanko will become famous soon enoughstanko will become famous soon enough
There are many "stats" tracking in GTA, so getting some kind of achievement or unlocking items would be great. For example, if you make a wheelie longer than 30 seconds, you can then buy NOS for customizing your bike. If you make 100 headshots, you can buy scope for customizing your favorite rifle and make further headshots even more fun. Stuff like that.
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Old 06-29-2010   #55
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Jake2103 can only hope to improve
I'd personally like better facial expressions (IV did it good, not great, but good), more possibility to decide how the story goes and especially more gadgets/weapons (Night vision, jetpack's, parachutes, grapling hooks, bombs, etc.), SA & TBoGT did this great.
Also more realistic crashes and effects will be good for GTA instead of the windshield thing, like with a high speed crash that you will see the parts of your car (Witch you've borrowed without asking for permission) flying around.
+Better AI of your enemies will make the game a lot more interesting, because in IV and other GTA's they didn't even tried to surrender you when you're on foot, don't even mind that they're trying to hit or pit you with a car.
+More ways to fight will be cool, like trowing enemies on the ground or hitting them with stuff you find, like a pipe as a bat or swinging a shopping bag against something,
+Missions on public places were you don't have any firearms and more specific sniping missions.
+Higher jumps, that little jump of IV is even the worst of all.
And the most important: A better PC port.

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FlyingMoose is an unknown quantity at this point
I have a shitload of ideas for GTA V, but the main ones are...

- The game should be set in an area about the same size as San Andreas.
- A LOT of Myths like Ratman or Leatherface, some of which should be true and some not, and make them hard to find out!
- Bring customization back. It was like, the awesomest part of San Andreas.
- The main character should be a guy, maybe black, and PLEASE let him die at the end of the game!
- Make it a heroes death, some big sacrifice or something. Then play the credits at his funeral.
- Bring gangs back.
- I loved the Multiplayer in GTA IV, keep that but make the lobby more fun.
- Give us an iPod and call it the uPlay. I wanna listen to music while on foot.
- GTA V should have other sidejobs, like, working in a supermarket, or Taxi Driver, stuff like that.
- When being caught with more than 3 stars and not having enough money to bail out, you should be in prison and either wait for a few hours/days or try to escape with riots or sneaking out and stuff.
- Don't make the game take place in some european country, specially not in some shitty 3rd world city. Keep it in america.
- Make the game world highly interactive and stuff, so you'll have fun with the game even after finishing all the missions.
- Make a lot of houses accessable and stuff.
- Oh, and keep it pervy! We want prostitutes and strip clubs and lotsa girlfriends!
- Drinking. Hell, I loved driving while drinking in GTA 4.
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Old 08-12-2010   #57
Legalize Weed!
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Hizzy321 is an unknown quantity at this point
Wow i never knew so many people wished the same things i did heres my wishlist.
-Bring back custom car modifications Like in GTA SA
-Garages at safe houses an the ability to buy any house you so choose
-Some cars that dont have made up names and that look similar to real life cars
-Longer story that fits in with the characters lifestyle
-The ability to customize your characters looks an clothing etc at the beginning of the game
-The freedom to do anything you want
-Have more than just one city that you can travel to by plane or boat
-Bring more boats,helicopters, planes etc into the game and make it so you can save them at your safehouse
-Bring more semi's and large trucks along with attachable and detachable trailers
-RVs, motorhomes, campgrounds, ATVs, dirtbikes, all those fun toys
-Have it so you can walk into every single building in game, the buildings have actual working doors
-Give the character job options once the tory line is done
-Make the storyline as the characters life and all his/her troubles and jobs
-Some titles i suggest are Life, GTA Civilian Life i dunno
-I know this will probablky never happen but this is my perfect GTA. Whats yours?

One love to all brothas and sistas
Smoke da magic herb
Add me on Xbox Live if you want to
GT: Crazy Devilbwoy
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Old 08-18-2010   #58
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mmasonh is on a distinguished roadmmasonh is on a distinguished road
I think with GTAIV, R* did great, in terms of gameplay. the only complaints that have ever crossed my mind about the game were a few features that i think they could improve on in the next title. here are a few:

- Car Dealerships (it would be much more realistic if you were able to buy that super expensive car, like the infurnus or super GT)
- Able to have a duel pistol and SMG option. That would be pretty badass.
- More accessible buildings.
- Bicycles should come back!!
- The car body shop editing thing from GTASA, but maybe more customization.
- It Would Be Great If You Could Completely Customize Character's Appearance, but keep character details and name.
- More blood.
- More Dialog outside of missions... like, better relationship kinda stuff, more things to do with others. like in red dead redemption.
- More Guns
- More Blood
- Better radio stations
- A frying pan.

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Old 08-27-2010   #59
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+ Besides saving parking places, bring back garages.
+ Add working windshield wipers when it's raining.
+ Keep my real car in the game, the Crown Victoria.
+ Bring back spike-mats / stingers which are used by the Police in GTA: SA
+ Use buses for public transport to enter as passenger (like taxies)
+ Add more dangerous areas (something like gang areas as in GTA: SA) where more people yield weapons.
+ Trucks should carry trailers (also civilians, not just yourself)
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matt__jon will become famous soon enoughmatt__jon will become famous soon enoughmatt__jon will become famous soon enoughmatt__jon will become famous soon enoughmatt__jon will become famous soon enoughmatt__jon will become famous soon enough
One thing I would like is, in single player, to be able to have a driver or autopilot mode, so we can sit in the back seat and shoot ANY WEAPON. This would work for any vehicle, car, bike, copter, jet?

Also, to add on top of that, add cargo planes capable of carrying vehicles, and a WW2 bomber that has all the turrets inside of it. Be able to plot points for the autopilot to take you (cars as well), even run in a curcuit, or choose random.
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