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A mod pitch to any and all experienced modders.

Before I begin with outlining my idea, there are a few things I feel are worth mentioning:

Yes, I am aware that I just recently created my account and haven't even tested the waters before diving in, I would still like to pitch this idea to any modders here who may find it interesting, irrespective of how others here may feel about new users. I know none of you yet and so I feel putting that forward is necessary.

The idea I am going to put forward is intellectual property and thus, quite valuable to me. If any mod developers decide that my concept is interesting enough to take into developmental stage, I ask that I remain the keeper of my idea, that no attempt is made to steal, over-power or undermine the thought I have put into my concept, and that during development I overview all production, to the extent that should I decide the project is heading in the wrong direction or decide efforts are better placed in finishing a different aspect of the mod, that my decision is regarded as the final say. While I am sure this probably sounds a bit.. ruling, my idea is valuable to me and thus - I want to ensure it is done right in my eyes.

While my modding ability is limited, to say the least, I have worked on multiple mods in the past - typically as a storywriter, concept lead, or other role that involves creating new ideas or doing extensive writing/story work. If anyone actually takes interest in this and would like substantiated accounts of my ability in the field, I would gladly share past modding experience and things I have worked on. Hand me a setting and I can bring it to life on paper with an engaging story, background history, characters and dialogue.

That said, I'll move on to the basic pitch:

Title: "Liberty: Red Dawn"

Tagline: "When liberty comes with hands dabbled in blood, it is hard to shake hands with her."

Setting: The year is 2041, thirty-three years after Niko sought revenge and seized his American dream. Liberty City is under the heavy rule of the Unified American Coalition, an organization created in the wake of chaos following the original game's ending. With a nation gripped in fear and desperation, the American government founded the UAC to combat the rising crime, terrorism and disorder and began a fanatic purge of all threats to order and security. Desperate and afraid, most citizens turned to the UAC and their promises of order with open arms, trading in their personal freedoms for security personnel and armored vehicles; Property and recreation for UAC regulated housing complexes and monitored daily routines. Gangs, criminals and those who opposed the UAC found themselves pressed harder and harder in the streets against the Coalition and their advanced military-grade hardware and were eventually forced underground into the long abandoned subway stations and caves. With the city virtually pacified, the UAC directed its efforts at maintaining order on the surface and raiding underground terror-cells should one be discovered.


UAC - The UAC utilize the best technology, weaponry and vehicle hardware the nation has to offer. They are ruthless, well-trained and terribly efficient, striking quickly and deadly to any criminal activity with their heavily armed and armored troopers. Having proven themselves far more efficient at handling threats than the standard police force or federal agent, UAC personnel are the typical choice for handling criminal activity. Tactical and extremely well-trained, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Surfacers - The citizens of the new Unified America. Passive, brainwashed and extremely xenophobic, surfacers vocally support the UAC and maintain it through work and devotion. Living under the heel of the Coalition, surfacers avoid confrontation at all costs.

Scavengers - While most of the surface has been cleaned up and strictly controlled by the UAC, some regions of Liberty City remain home to desperate thugs and bums trying to carve themselves a niche in what is left of the ruined parts of the city.

Dwellers - Denizens of the underground; Life as a dweller is harsh and violent; Gangs, criminals, junkies and all manner of depravity lingers in the underground and each day is a struggle to survive; The first thing learned as a dweller is when you want something, you have to take it.

Rebels - With no true rallying call, battle cry or name, those who openly oppose the UAC gather underground and perform guerrilla-raids against the tyrants top-side. While barely a true faction, rebels find themselves united in their morality, choosing to fight for what is right, not for personal gain or control. Few in number and even fewer in strength, the rebels need to rely on their dedication and their wits in order to survive.

Gangs - There will always be those who want to cut themselves a bigger piece than what they deserve and the various gangs of Liberty City are no exception. Clinging like parasites to anyone they can sink their claws into, many dwellers and top-side scavengers flock to gangs to provide safety and power. They are currently the greatest opposition to the UAC on the surface for their crazed mob-mentality. What they lack in weapons and gear, they make up for in sheer numbers, recruiting any helpless soul they can find.

The UAC controls most of the city, what little they don't is controlled by gangs, drug lords and pimps. Anyone with the courage to stand up to tyranny and bring back the liberty of Liberty City have long since been driven underground and the rest are blinded by fear. The stories of Niko and Roman are over, the city needs a voice - what will yours say?

A total conversion: Choose your side and shape Liberty City in your own image.
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