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Left hand drive vehicles S14 R33

Does anyone know how to get the stupid doors to work on the left hand drive vehicles


I think the S15 or S14 do it, an I know the R33 does it.

Which makes these totally useless as you can't enter the vehicle with doors that won't open.

Well I sort of got it to work.

The problem is all the mods use the same cars to change.

So you just about have to change the name.

Also I use IV needle, which does a lot of stuff.

For one thing it takes all the extra spaces out of the default notepad files.

Which makes it scary to cut an paste in lines in the actual notepad file, because

IV needle takes care of all that in it's interface tools.

Anyhowz, What I did was back up a copy of my notepad files, like the handling.dat

Then I copied an pasted in the handling.dat lines from the mod's creator, saved it

and opened it with IV needle after that, which seemed to fix the format, then I just had to edit

all their bunk settings. I think what let me get into the car was seat offset, but I've tried messing

with that before, an it didn't work. I'm going to try to do the other left hand drive vehicles now.

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if u have the silvia in the game and it's right steering so just get on the roof and press f or whatever u press for getting in a car and so u r in i tried and it worked
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