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Max Ammo Glitch?

Okay, so I finished TLAD 100% yesterday. Seeing as doing that removes the ammo limit, and since I had hundreds of thousands of dollars, I went and bought ammo for every weapon I had until I went past 9999 total rounds. No more worrying about ammo anymore, eh?

I loaded up the save today, thinking I'll do some gang wars or mess around or something, but I looked up in the corner to see that all my weapons were set back to their original limit.
I could still go past the limit, but that means that I wasted hundreds of thousands. O.O

Has this been noticed before? Am I making a mistake? Is there a chance of a fix for this?
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Yes, it is very normal for the ammo to reset after a save. Since your already at 100%, you could just use a weapon cheat, over and over.

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Yea its the same for Grand Theft Auto IV, I hopped they fixed that glitch when TLAD came out. Insanly anoyying to have no ammo limit, but restricted when you load up the game again. Hopefully the next DLC fixes it.
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