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[RELEASE] Mega SuperJump Script

This is a complete rewrite of my superjump/dig lua script. The features available in the lua script are also available in this release, but this release has so much more and it's much more stable. It's all thanks to HazardX and his .NET ScriptHook, without it this wouldn't be possible.

This script gives quite a few more options from the lua script. Some of the new options are:

- Infinite Health/Armor/Ammo
- Niko Fling (ragdoll toggle)
- Speed Increase (travel faster than vehicles while on foot)
- Configurable hotkeys and options

NEW in v1.1:

- Added Niko's current vehicle to the infinite health/invincibility functions.
- Fixed the problem of the invincibility overwriting other trainers/scripts. Set the hotkey used to 0 in the "sjsettings.ini" file to completely disable it.

NEW in v1.2:

- Now works for game version v1.0.2.0.
- Added a time scale AKA bullet time option.

The new feature I'd like to point out is the ability to configure your hotkeys, weapons, and values to anything you want. This gives the script complete customization and grants you complete control of how the script will perform.

The keys are assigned the numerical representation of the respective VK enum. I've included a text file with a listing of all available keys, incase some of you don't know the numerical value of the key you'd like to use.

The values and weapons also give you control over how the script will perform. You can change the values to suit your needs, even though the defaults should be just fine. The weapons can be changed according to the weapon indexes. I've also included a text file with all the weapon indexes as well for people who can't find them.

NOTE: You can change the options during gameplay without exiting the game. After you've saved any changes, simply reload the game and the changes will take effect.

Default Hotkeys:

Page Up (33): SuperJump1
Page Down (34): Dig
Delete (46): Float/Fly/Hover
Insert (45): 1: Infinite Health/Armor/Ammo; 2: Invincibility; 3: Normal
End (35): Niko Fling
Shift (16): Speed Increase
Space (32): SuperJump2
Home (36): Bullet Time

Options Information:

SuperJump1: Positional jump. Increases both player position and velocity.
Dig: Positional fall. Decreases both player position and velocity.
Float/Fly/Hover: Freezes your Z velocity allowing you to hover in mid air.
Infinite Health/Armor/Ammo: Freezes them at max so you never lose any. This will also constantly repair and wash your current vehicle.
Invincibility: AKA Godmode. With this enabled you will NEVER die. This will set your current vehicle invincible as well.
Normal: Returns Niko's health/armor/ammo/invincibility status back to normal. Also restores your current vehicle back to normal.
Niko Fling: Transforms Niko into a ragdoll, and puts a bit of force to push him forward. (NOTE: The amount of force depends on how much momentum Niko has initially.)
Speed Increase: Increases your speed as you hold down the button. Speed will begin to decrease when it's released. (NOTE1: If you don't notice any change in speed, jump once or twice while running.) (NOTE2: This also works for your current vehicle.)
SuperJump2: Velocity jump. Increases only player velocity and not position. Rapidly press for greater effect.
Bullet Time: Allows changing the timescale to slow it down. You can choose to have it speed up if you change the option value. Togglable.

Settings Information:

POSJUMP = SuperJump1
VELOJUMP = SuperJump2
LOCKVELO = Float/Fly/Hover
SPEEDINC = Speed Increase
HEALTHWEAPS = Invincibility
NIKORAG = Niko Fling

POSJUMPPOSINC = Amount of positional increase when performing SuperJump1. (DEFAULT=1.0)
POSJUMPVELOINC = Amount of velocity increase when performing SuperJump1. (DEFAULT=3.0)
POSDIGPOSDEC = Amount of positional decrease when performing Dig. (DEFAULT=3.0)
VELOJUMPVELOINC = Amount of velocity increase when performing SuperJump2. (DEFAULT=6.0)
SPEEDINCFORCE = Multiplier of the Speed Increase force. (DEFAULT=1.15)
NIKORAGFORCE = Multiplier of the Niko Fling momentum force. (DEFAULT=3.0)
BTSCALE = Multiplier of the Bullet Time scale when enabled. (DEFAULT=0.2)

Each property specifies a certain weapon slot ingame. Entering a value other than the required value for the property will NOT put the chosen weapon into the respective slot. For example, putting a value of 18 for MELEE will NOT give you the RPG in the Handgun slot. (DEFAULTS: MELEE=3, THROWN=4, HANDGUN=9, SHOTGUN=11, SMG=13, RIFLE=15, SNIPER=17, HEAVY=18)

To Install:

First you will need to obtain a copy of HazardX's .NET ScriptHook. After you've installed the .NET ScriptHook simply copy the /scripts folder to the GTAIV root folder.

Optional: If you choose to use the default values, you don't need to copy the "sjsettings.ini" file. However, if you do intend to change some things, you need to copy the "sjsettings.ini" file to the same location as the script, to the <GTAIVROOT>/scripts folder.

Minimum Requirements:

.NET Framework v2.0
GTAIV PC Installation
Any ASI Loader
HazardX's .NET ScriptHook

Recommended Requirements:

.NET Framework v3.5
GTAIV PC Installation
Any ASI Loader
HazardX's .NET ScriptHook


.NET Framework v3.5:
ASI Loader by Alexander Blade:
Xliveless by listener:
.NET ScriptHook by HazardX:

Modify your PC installation of GTAIV with IV Needle. Edit everything from Vehicle Handling, Colors, and Groups to Weapons and Explosion FX, plus more quickly and easily!

Other GTAIV Mods/Tools:
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