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GTA IV - AddExplosion Command

I am using aru's C++ Hook and am trying to make an explosion... It is defined like this in Scripting.h: AddExplosion(f32 x, f32 y, f32 z, u32 p3, f32 p4, u32 p5, u32 p6, f32 p7). I understand up to "f32 z" and don't know what the others past it mean?!?! Does anyone know?

I did some experiments and give you this:

AddExplosion(f32 x-coordinate,f32 y-coordinate,f32 z-coordinate,u32 explosiontype,f32 unsure,u32 unsure,u32 TurnEnvironmentEffectOff,f32 unsure)

The type of explosion you wish to create. 1 is motolov for example and 2 is some explosion as is 0

turn off any effects to environment but create explosion. 0 is on - 1 is off.
if it is on you see flames and rocks flying as it blows, otherwise just a explosion with flames appearing on the floor and nowhere else this also affects peds and cars.

I cannot tell what these are for, i tried setting them to 0,1 and 120 and they have made no difference for the explosion. Maybe one of them is an ignore option?
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