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[REL] GTA IV Bodyguard Mod

With the recent release of <a href="/news/comments.php?i=1540" target="_blank">aru's C++ Script Hook</a>, I've had an easier time making higher level mods for GTA IV. Throughout the day I've been working on a new one that I thought some of you would enjoy:

Version History
Current Version - January 10, 2009
- Fixed bug where game would crash if you had too many dead guards
- Fixed bug where guards turned on you or each other
- Guards now get an MP5 no matter what other weapon you choose so that they can perform driveby's

January 9, 2009
- Reworked controls
- Added ability to discard all guards, who will disappear when you're far enough away
- Added ability to change guard character models (340 models), invincibility, and weapons

v0.2 - January 7, 2009
Fixed bug that didn't allow users without a certain .dll plugin to run the script
Gave guards MP5's so that they can perform driveby shootings

Right now, this script allows you to spawn bodyguards in-game by pressing F7. These guards all come wielding an M4 rifle, and they're ready to use it. Anybody that begins to attack you, such as police officers, will get taken down by these guards. These invincible guards with great accuracy will also be your enemies' top targets.

In this version of the script, the guards' character models are all the same, and they all have the same weapon, but future versions will hopefully allow the user to choose how to spawn guards. This version was more of a test for myself, but it worked pretty nicely so I figured I should share.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for some more updates!

i've updated the mod - same download link as before: here are the new features:
<ul><li>Discard all guards: once discarded, they will simply walk off and act as pedestrians. When they are far enough out of your view, they will disappear.</li><li>Change character model: there are about <b>340 models</b> to choose from - everyone from Ricky Gervais to strippers!</li><li>Change weapon: choose which weapon you want your next guard to spawn with.</li><li>Toggle invincibility: spawn your next guard as invincible or mortal.</li></ul>
<center><a href="/downloads/gta-iv/script-mods/1950" target="_blank"><img src="/images/news/1231571358.jpg" border="1" /></a></center>
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