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Post My opinion of GTA 4.

GTA was once the best game i've ever played. Only 2 games could had the quality of GTA: Mafia and Half Life 2. Rockstar made a very great work with GTA 3. I remember when i played the game for first time... leaving the bridge and going to the north of Portland in the Brooklyn of Liberty City. I always wanted to go to the main island to look those big skyscrapers in front of me. The storyline was almost perfect. The sound of the city... damn, only listening the sound of the city it's still one the best things in the history of games. Then i went to Staunton Island. I had better weapons and Portland became the forbidden land of Liberty City. But the best moment was when i saw the airport for the first time at 5 AM... the sun and the panoramic of the city. I was so impressed. The sounds were incredible, the storyline, the characters, all the street gangs... not only "good"; they were so good that you can' even describe it.

Then Vice City came to the scene. Sounds were again perfect. New vehicles and a new whole city based in Miami, made by Rockstar. It had to be good. Definetly the best storyline of all GTA history. Probably the best character. The drugs, the pornstars, the rockstars, the bikers, the heavy metal, the radios... my god, the radios...

Till there, it was brilliant. But they had to screwed up. It's not easy to innovate and keep such perfection at the same time. It happens to everybody.

San Andreas was an experimentation. They showed us what can they do: everything. Not for every player maybe: driving 10 minutes in the dessert it's not for people who seek for action. The storyline was interesting, but a bit bizarre. I believe a Tommy Vercetti who becomes a drug king or a cold killer in New York, but i don't believe a low-gangster who go to San Fierro, who gets experience in flying an airplane, who buys a lot of properties, who steals to the italian mobs; i just don't believe it.
In San Andreas i may see the bigest problem that, in my opinion, Rockstar is having in the last 2 games: the sounds. I'm not talking about the radios, i'm talking about the sounds... it's like a movie, you may like the visual effects a lot, but if you have an image of a shotgun and the sound of the shooting isn't apropiate for that image, you just don't believe it. If you don't believe me, then listen to GTA 3 ambient and listen to Los Santos ambient.
But the game had a lot of places to explore. You could just imagine a whoke different storyline, because you have a lot of cities and towns. The gang's territories, the recreation of 3 big cities, the air force airplane, the 90's tank, and lot of weapons. And, as if that wasn't enough, they made a mission in Liberty City for crazy fans like me who loved GTA 3. They respected their fans and that's important too.
The game deserved that 9.5

GTA 4 it's something weird. Because i'm very dissapointed about this game. I won't say anything about the videocard or the Club thing.
Rockstar made a gorgeous advance in the graphics and the whole photography of the game. Incredible scenarios too. But it was like a blonde without brain. The graphics and Niko Bellic are the only good things to me. I really don't believe it. How can Rockstar do this?
The game has no soul. When you finish it, there's nothing to do. The city is too big. Probably, the good thing about GTA is that cities aren't big but they still can get the soul of the real cities. They changed almost everything.
It's a great replica of New York, i can see that, but... where's the connection with the other GTAs? Where are the gangs? Why the storyline is so... my god, what happened to the storyline? Worst characters ever. And the suspens almost doesn't exists anymore. The end of the game (or the ends) is/are very weak. It doesn't even deserve an 8.

But i still have hope. When i see Liberty City with the sun in the back in the afternoon, i still can see that Rockstar made a bad game, but they can still make the best one.
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Nice review of things, just one thing to point out "but... where's the connection with the other GTAs?", Every new GTA Generation is a reboot, If you notice, none of the gangs in GTA1 appear in GTA3 and Liberty City is completely different. GTA4 is once again the start of a new generation, which is why the city is different, no characters coming back, etc, only reference we have is on the in-game TV and Lazlow on the Radio (also some websites such as Area 53). Same with gangs. GTA4 is much more heavily based on New York, and the gangs in the game would be like gangs found in real life area of the city.
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