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[RELEASE] GTAIV Handling Editor

This is a program to simplify the ability of modding the vehicles in GTAIV. Everything is fairly self explanatory. The 'Exclude Comments' box only applies when saving the handling file. If ticked, it will remove all comments from the handling file, saving about 10kb of disk space. Whoopie! :/

Each tab in the program is dedicated to a particular set of handling attributes you are able to edit in the file. The tab that may need some explaining is the Import/Export tab. This feature allows you to backup, transfer, or distribute your vehicles' handling and extended data.

- The 'Import' and 'Export' buttons allow you to import/export the current vehicle's handling data.
- The 'Batch Import' and 'Batch Export' buttons allow you to import/export multiple vehicles' data from/to a *.bvd file.
- The 'Extended Import' and 'Extended Export' buttons allow you to import/export the current vehicle's extended data.
- The 'Batch' buttons next to the 'Extended Import' and 'Extended Export' buttons allow you to import/export multiple vehicles' extended data from/to a *.evd file.

When importing vehicle data, you are given the option to replace any vehicle in the import file. This doesn't affect the actual file. If you are importing standard handling data (mass, damage, etc) you can replace any vehicle with any other, but if you are importing extended vehicle data, you are only allowed to replace vehicles with another of its type.

The Misc tab contains a few different editors available for use:

- First is the model/handling flags editor. This is a GUI which allows you to select which flags you want enabled for the selected vehicle. It automatically calculates the flag value, all you have to do is pick which flags to enabled or disable.

- Second is the extended data editor for bikes, boats, and planes. This is vehicle specific data so the button will only be available for these vehicle classes.

- Third is the animation group editor. It is NOT recommended to change anything in here unless you know exactly what you are editing.

NEW in v1.2: The Misc tab now contains a section to set a certain vehicle property to a value for all vehicles. This will allow you to set all vehicles' Monetary Value to 999999 without doing it 1 by 1.

NEW in v1.3: The vehicle name for the selected vehicle will be displayed at the top right of the program, to allow for easier detection of vehicles when editing. Also fixed some minor bugs.

NEW in v1.4: As from request, Set All (which is located in the Misc tab) now contains some new features. You are now able to choose which vehicle type (cars, bikes, boats, helis, or all) to set the selected attribute. You can now also choose whether to increase or decrease the attribute from the value, along with setting the attribute equal to the value. Since the handling and model flags are hex values, you can ONLY set those attributes equal to the value.

IMPORTANT: If you attempt to import handling data to the current vehicle, the Vehicle ID must remain unchanged and the handling string must be in the same format as in the handling.dat file.

You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 installed in order for this program to run at all.


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