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Im stuck, please help me :)

First of all I would like to say HI to everyone on the fourms, the place looks great, thanks!

I was on another GTA forum and it sucked, so hopefully someone here will be able to help me!

For the past 3 weeks I have been getting no mission updates at all. I have been stuck on side missions and meeting random people for little petty stuff.
Here is what I have done.
The last mission I have completed and the mission it says Im on whenever I load the game is "Diamonds are a girls best friend". I am positive that I beat that mission, because I have read the guide to the mission and I have done all the steps.
According to the stats screen I have completed everyones missions up to 100 percent expect Roman, I have about 76 percent of his missions done. It also says that I have 73 percent game completion.

I was driving around after me and roman went to visit Bernie for the first time and I saw that Bernie had called or text me ( i dont remember which) and he wanted me to come over. Well I was doing something else at that time and I never went there, since then I have never heard from Bernie or done a single mission for him. I have tried to call him but there was no answer.

I have got all the cars for brucie and stevie, did all the missions for Jacob, everyone that is my friend I have unlocked there special ability. And I am just going on dates, hanging out with friends, and there are no more missions for me to do. I have read around and tried everything that is obvious, like make calls, etc.
I have checked the internet and have no emails. Its like I am in a stale mate with the game and mission progress.

There has to be something that I am doing or not doing that is not letting me progress. I have run out of things to do.
The only thing I have not done is all of the cop car missions. I still need to complete that, but damn I need to access Bernie missions or something!!!

Please help me as I am getting discouraged
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