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Random People

Ok, as much as I like GTA, I'm getting really bored of driving around the block multiple times waiting for the Random Characters to appear, can anyone give me a list of characters and what times they are suppose to appear, cause I've waited all night for Mrs. Faustin and it's getting annoying.
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Mrs. Faustin is at Firefly Island... I met her about halfway into the game (hadn't unlocked Alderney yet). She was there at night for me, but I don't know if it's time-restricted.

The strangers aren't meant to be "looked for" to be honest. You can't just drive to the spot on the map and expect them to be there. They just appear once in a while as you're driving around, maybe even doing some other task, and will stay there if you're in the area. If you drive too far away then come back, they'll be gone. So what I'm suggesting is that you go about doing something else and only do the stranger missions by coincidence.
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Random Character Missions

These mission are started by walking up to these people on the street. You can find them by the stick figure symbol on your mini map.
[edit] Badman

Badman's mission becomes available after you complete the "Shadow" mission for Little Jacob. Look for him around Harrison Street and Dukes Boulevard. Take Badman to the alleyway just off Carrollton Street and take out the Russians. There are three of them. Running a car through the alley is a good way to start off the fight. The last one will try to run.
[edit] Jeff

1. Look for Jeff in East Holland, Algonquin. Follow his wife and take photos of her cheating. There is a car you can use next to you, after the scene. Follow them into the cafe. They are upstairs. Reward: $1000.
2. Head into the underground parking structure. Jeff will ask you to dispose of the body. Drive the car to the marker, but if any cops see the body, you'll get a wanted level. When you reach the marker, drive toward the ocean, and jump out. The car will sink into the water.
3. Jeff will ask Niko to kill his new wife. Niko will refuse and Jeff will walk away. Karma will then catch up with Jeff. Grab the money he drops, and hop into the abandoned sports car.

[edit] Brian

1. Brian is next to Roman's cab company. It's not much of a mission, but when you first encounter Brian, he insults you and talks about how rich he is and demonstrates it by giving Niko $100.
2. Brian is around the corner from your first safehouse (Western Crockett Avenue in Hove Beach). He's become a junkie and asks you to drive him to meet his dealer. After you pick up his drugs, drive him home.
3. Brian is next to the gun shop (Munsee and Dillon in Downtown Broker), go with him to pay off his dealer. His dealer will try to beat him up, so point a gun at them and they'll run away. Take Brian home to complete the mission. Reward: $500

[edit] Marnie

1. First appears in Southern Algonquin at a park with a large fountain in Chinatown. She asks you to take her to her "dealer" in Alderney. $500 is debited.
2. Appears at Ivy Drive South and Quartz in Northwestern Algonquin. She will ask you to drive her to Grand Easton Station.

[edit] Ivan

Ivan is only available if you spared his life in the "Ivan the Not So Terrible" mission. He is in Acter, in Alderney. Take Ivan to collect his money. In the alley, you'll get into a shootout. There are three guys on the ground, one on the roof to your right, one on the fire escape to your left. Each of them drop cash. Reward: $1000
[edit] Mel

Mel becomes available after you complete the mission "Escuela of the Streets" for Manny. This is the same guy Niko knocked over in the scene before the mission "Bull in a China Shop." He is in Hove Beach, on the corner of Masterson St. and Mohawk Ave. He asks you to drive him to his loanshark. When you get there, the loanshark promises violence. There are three of them, and all are armed with pistols. Reward: $500
[edit] Gracie

This random mission unlocks after you've completed the "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" mission. In Acter, on the corner of Babbage Drive and Hardtack Ave. you'll find Gracie (the woman Niko kidnapped). She'll recognize him and call for her mob family to attack. Take cover, or run across the street. Take them out, and pick up whatever money they drop.
[edit] Sara

1. She asks for a ride home. When you get there, her husband tries to beat you up. Beat him up, and take the money he drops.
2. She is on the northeast corner of the Fishmarket (Pier 45), in Algonquin just south of the Broker Bridge. She asks you to pick up a package at Perseus. It will cost you $500 for the package. You get $1000 when you bring her the package.

[edit] Pathos

1. Pathos is at star Junction in Algonquin. Speak to him, and some haters will taunt him. Follow Pathos to the alley across the street and fight the two guys beating up on him. Using a bat is most recommendable to not attract any unnecessary attention. Having guns equipped -- even before the initial cut scene with Pathos -- will cause police to appear and open fire on those involved in the fight.
2. (Spoiler) Pathos' second mission is near star junction again. Some haters instigate a fight and shoot him. You must take out the haters and transport Pathos to the hospital before he dies.

[edit] Ilyena Faustin

She is in Firefly Island, near the peir. This mission is only unlocked after you've finished the mission "The Puerto Rican Connection." She asks you to get a guy to leave her daughter alone. Head over there and talk to him. Then beat him up, but don't kill him.
[edit] Cherise

She is at the corner of Wardite and Exeter in Northwood. This mission is only available if you spare Cherise in the Ruff Rider mission. Head over to her boyfriend and teach him a lesson. Don't kill him, just beat him up.
[edit] Hossan

Hossan will be selling fake handbags on a street corner in Southwestern Algonquin. After conversing, he will ask you to accompany him on a collection. Your reward for helping him is $500
[edit] Clarence

Clarence's mission becomes unlocked after you complete the mission "Blood Brothers" if you chose to spare him in the mission "Holland Nights." When you find Clarence, he'll thank you for sparing his life by trying to kill you. He is armed with an SMG. Kill him to complete the mission.
[edit] Eddie Low

1. Eddie is found in Alderney City. He can only be found at night. He asks you to drive him to the docks, then to Star Junction.
2. Eddie can be found in Berchem this time. Speak to him, and he'll attack you. Kill him to complete the mission.

[edit] Liberty City Most Wanted

These are accessed via a police car's internal computer under "View Most Wanted." You can only see the wanted criminals in your immediate area. In Liberty City, you don't arrest criminals, you just kill them.
[edit] Algonquin

Shon Kikuchi
Hangs out in North Holland, Algonquin. He is in a moving sportscar, and will flee to the south when you approach.

Jimmy Kand
Hangs out in Northwood Algonquin on the second floor of a project building. He's passed out when you find him, so you can just walk up to him and knife him.

Simon Nashly
Hangs out in the Fishmarket in Algonquin. There are six men to take out. They are spread out, and none of them attempt to flee. Stairs to the third level are located at the front and rear of the building.

Tommy Francovic
Located in Castle Garden City. When you approach he'll flee on a motorcycle. He will circle the block at least once. Shoot him to get him off his bike, then he'll shoot at you with a Micro SMG. Shoot him and pick up the money he drops.

Barry Lamora
Hangs out at the Colony Island Apartments. There are three of them, one is armed with a shotgun, another with a Russian assault rifle. These two will fight, the other will run.

Lino Friddell
Hangs in Middle Park. There are three targets in a narrow alley. Run them over with your car, you can get all three with one pass.

Juan Haimo
In star junciton, Algonquin. There are three targets on motorcycles. They'll flee as soon as you approach, so either ram them when you arrive, or hit them from a distance with your RPG or sniper rifle.

Darren Covey
Purgatory, Algonquin. The suspects are in a large parking structure. They won't try to flee, so you have a lot of freedom in deciding how to take them out. Long distance sniping, frontal assault with an assault rifle, or running them down with a car are all good options.

Lea Brodell
East Holland. You can enter the suspects' building through a door on the north side.

Christov Mahonvic
Located in the garbage garage at fishmarket south. Use the back door in the northwest side of the building for a superior tactical entry.

[edit] Broker/Dukes/Bohan

Maxwell Caughlin
These guys are located in a compound. One of them has an RPG, so if you choose to attack with a car keep moving.

Scott Guzowski
He and his three friends are in a park in northwest Dukes. The road to the west is a good shooting location. They are on foot and will not try to escape.

Antonio Rivette
Located in South Slopes, on the train platform. Take out all five of them.

Rodrigo Stavenes
Located in Steinway. He and his gang are in a building and there are two exits. They'll try to run out the opposite door you enter, so you may want to park your car on one side and go in the other.

Fernando Tisdel
Fernando will try to escape in his car as soon as you get near. Arrive from the east, because he'll flee to the west. He'll soot at you, so shoot back and chase him down.

Tyler Pickrel
Located at the Monoglobe in Medows Park. He's on foot, and will try to run away when you attack him. Use your car to chase him down.

Preston Pecinovsky
In Northern Gardens. There is only one way in or out of their area, so get out of your car and start shooting. One may try to make a break for it in one of the cars, so shoot him before he can get moving.

Alonso Goralski
He's at the airport, standing next to his car with a friend. If you can't get him a few seconds after you pull up, he'll get in his car and drive away. Chase him and shoot up his car.

Bert Reker
Bert hangs out in the BOABO area of Broker. He and his gang are in a junkyard. The building to the across the street to the southwest is a perfect spot for sniping. There is a staircase in the back you can use to get to the top. There is also some body armor up there.

Freddy Paparo
Freddy is in a parking lot in his car. As soon as you arrive he'll drive away. Chase after him and shoot up his car to get it to stop. Then take out him and his friends.

[edit] Alderney

Marty Boldenow
Located in Acter. This one is a standard shootout. There are several ways in, but the easiest is probably from the south.

Noel Katsuda
Located in Tutor. He's in a compound with a main entrance on the west side, and a back entrance accessible only on foot to the southwest. Take out him and his men.

Rodney McEniry
Located in Aldernedy City. When you get close he'll drive away. As he flees, he'll shoot at you and drop grenades. Shoot up his car to get him to stop, then kill him.

Glenn Lushbaugh
When you pull up, he'll try to drive away to the south. Chase him down and shoot up his car to kill him.

Phil Bacerra
When you get to the location, he and his men will try to escape in two trucks. Take one out with an RPG, or ram it and pin it against a wall. Then you can chase the other.

Sergi Szerbin
In Leftwood. Take out him and his gang. The raised area to the north is a good shooting position, or you can get them with your sniper rifle from the south.

Danny Hatmaker
Danny and his crew are at the docks. The expressway to the west is a great sniper position. If you're going to take them out up close, know that you'll come under fire as soon as you enter the gate.

Mervin Eskuchen
When you pull up to the location, the gang will try to flee to the north. in two large SUVs. You can ram the two vehicles then shoot them with an RPG. Or you can chase them. You can also try to block the road.

Frederick Harrison
Frederick and his gang are on the old train bridge in Tutor. They are spread out, and easy to take out one at a time. The expressway to the west makes a great sniper location. Stand on top of your car so you can better see over the rail.

Keenan Burdett
These guys are in a parking structure. There is one guy on each level, except for the top where there's a group of them. There are soda machines on the lower levels if you're low on health.

[edit] Exotic Exports Car Theft Missions

These are sent to you from Brucie by email. The locations of these cars appear on your mini map.

* Cavalcade: it has a few gang members near it, but you can just run up and climb in. Reward: $1000

* Feltzer: The car is being driven around the area. Follow the green dot, then when it stops at a light, take it. Drive it to the lockup. Reward: $1500

[edit] Car Theft Missions

These missions are different from Bruice's missions listed above. Instead of being sent by email, these are sent via cell phone text message. There are a total of 30 of these missions.

Brucie gives your number to Stevie who sends you picture messages of cars to collect. These do not appear on the map. You must find these cars and deliver them to the garage indicated on the map. Just like Brucie's "find car" missions, condition does affect price. There's usually a Pay and Spray on the way to the garage. They are sent to you in random order.

Vehicle Area Max Value Location
Banshee Algonquin $26,400
Bobcat Dukes $8,250
Buccaneer Bohan $5,940
Cavalcade Alderney $23,100
Cognoscenti Alderney $29,700
Comet Algonquin $19,800 Parking lot near Memory Lanes and Burger Shot
Contender Dukes $8,250 outside Twichin's sugar mill in Boabo 1st island
Coquette Algonquin $13,530
DF8-90 Broker $5,940 in the carpark under the train station near Funland (Firefly Island), on cnr Crockett Ave and Oneida Ave
Dilettante Dukes $6,600 near the front of the Megaplex in Willis
Dukes Algonquin $7,260
Faggio Algonquin $2,310
Freeway Dukes $6,600
Huntley Bohan $13,200 LCPD station lot in Northern Gardens
Infernus Broker $33,000 North of roundabout on Montauk Ave
Intruder Broker $8,250
Manana Dukes $3,960 in a side lot on Camden Ave and Thorton St near Huntington St Station in Cervaza Heights
Moonbeam Charge Island $7,260 North of the round silos on the east of Charge Island
NRG 900 Algonquin $8,250 Corner of Bismarck and Topaz
Patriot Algonquin $16,500
PMP 600 Algonquin $10,560
Rancher Alderney $8,250
Rebla Algonquin $11,550
Sabre GT Dukes $8,250
Sentinel Alderney $8,250 in the car park surrounded by silos on the entrance to the docks in Normandy
Sultan Alderney $11,550 in a drive way, on the corner of Kemeny St and Aspdin Drv, Bircham
Super GT Algonquin $36,300 Calcium St in The Exchange (East-West street inline with Pier 45).
Turismo Alderney $36,300
Voodoo Dukes $6,600
Washington Dukes $7,260 Franklin St across from the outdoor pool in Steinway
[edit] Assassin Missions

These are given to you by a mysterious voice who only accepts calls from a pay phone near the gun shop in Alderney. You unlock these missions after doing the "Truck Hustle" mission. At the start of each assassination mission you'll be given weapons and body armor on the other side of the fence, behind the telephone.

* Bailing Out For Good: There is a guy leaving the police station and getting into a car. His four friends are all armed. Either use a sniper rifle on the target, or an RPG on the car.

* Migration Control: The target is in front of the helipad, on top of the tunnel entrance. Drive up to the helipad using the walkway to the left of the tunnel entrance, and you can walk up and shoot him. $3000

* Industrial Action: This contract is for a group of targets at the refinery. They're up in the scaffolding high above ground level. Attacking head on will cause them to escape out the back. The best way is to do this mission is to go up the yellow staircase on the south side of the refinery. This blocks their escape and lets you take them out with the assault or sniper rifle. $7500

* Derelict Target: There are three targets in the abandoned building, but they have body guards. You don't have to kill the guards. In the back of the building one of the targets is hanging out on the ground floor. This is the only exit, and this is the only guy who will try to escape. The other two targets are in the building above him. The best way to do this is with a helicopter. Land on one of the nearby buildings and snipe the guy on the ground floor, then fly to the abandoned building and shoot your way down the stairs. You can use the helicopter to easily escape your wanted level.

* Water Hazard: Head over to the location, you'll see a sailboat with the target on the deck. It's a difficult sniper shot because the boat is moving up and down and the target (the woman) is standing behind someone else. If you miss, she will pull out a sniper rifle and return fire.

* Dead End: Head over to the location and you'll see the target get away in an SUV. Chase it, but when it goes into an alley, don't follow. Go around the other side, drive in, then back out. The alley is an ambush. Your new mission is to take out all the enemies there. They tend to bunch up, so the RPG works well.

* Hook, Line and Sinker: head over to the abandoned mansion at the north end of Alderney. If you take just a few steps into the water, you can snipe the target. The other way to do it is to use the boat just off shore. Head for the target boat, and when you get near it, it will flee. Chase it down and shoot the driver. Don't bother going back to you car, it will have disappeared.

* R.U.B. Down: Kill all the targets, the problem is they'll hop on their bikes and flee in different directions. Stand across the street and fire a volley of rockets at them to kill them before they can get away.

* Taken Out: take out the target in the moving car. It's a limo, and it moves slowly. Pull in front of it, step out and use an RPG.

[edit] Vigilante Missions

These are accessed via a police cruiser's computer. Get in a cop car, come to a complete stop, then hit the Left Shoulder Button to bring up the computer's menu. Select "View Current Crimes" and pick a crime to tackle. You only need to complete 20 of these to contribute to your 100% completion rate.
[edit] Races

These become available after you complete the mission "No. 1" for Brucie. As you're driving around Liberty City, give Brucie a call to set up one of the nine races listed below.

* South Broker
* Star Junction
* Road to Bohan
* South Algonquin
* Airport Run
* Dukes Boulevard
* North Alderney
* Elevated (Mid-Alderney)
* South Alderney

[edit] Little Jacob - Delivery Mission

After becoming friends with LJ, you'll gain the ability to call him for a job. The goal of these missions is to drive a car from the cafe and deliver some drugs. Sometimes, you'll have a time limit in which to reach an impatient buyer. Other times, you'll stash the goods and be attacked by a rival gang.
[edit] Roman - Taxi Driver Mission

Eventually, Roman will offer to hook you up with a job driving a taxi. Doing these missions does not affect your 100% progress.

Here you go. [ link :http://grandtheftauto.ign.com/wiki/GTA_4_Side_Missions ] -> I used this for all the cars;characters; etc.

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Originally Posted by ash_735 View Post
Ok, as much as I like GTA, I'm getting really bored of driving around the block multiple times waiting for the Random Characters to appear, can anyone give me a list of characters and what times they are suppose to appear, cause I've waited all night for Mrs. Faustin and it's getting annoying.
Fuck that hoe! She was their on time, when I went on my own.

She wnated me to scare off her daughter's man & NOT kill the guy
But who is she to tell ME what to do?! haha; Fought him straight up & got my Counter Acheivement while at it.


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But I really want to date some other hot chicks...
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