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Sim vs Arcade Urban Crime Sandbox

I know the title doesn't make too much sense to all. A quick explanation. In the football games in the US, there is a huge back and forth between online players.(which I am one) It is this whole argument about Sim (Simulation Football) and Arcade (Unrealistic Football). I believe this is what is happening to the Sandbox games that I love so much. There has become it's on Genre for these types of games with the credit going to GTA/Rockstar.

If you play American Football games online, than you already understand. But I will quickly explain. While these "competitors" seem to go out of their way to make everything bigger, faster, badder, and crazier they lose some of the great plotlines/story. Ala Saints Row, which had a lot of crazy things to do. I actually enjoyed the game but it was way too short on missions. And way too much on "activities", some boring. The story was a joke. But I didn't care, because I did have fun at certain points. Now after playing GTA IV, the city is so much more immersive. Way more missions. An excellent story and great character driven action. In short, I believe the games are going in different directions. Also realized as soon as I cut on GTA IV how cartoonish Saints Row was. I truly welcome all of the other games as there is nothing like the sandbox genre for me. I just like them for different reasons. GTA will always be ther Grand Daddy of them all.

So to a lot of the people that complain about not flying planes, no jetpacks, no huge mansions. This was not where GTA was going. It seems Violition has caught on to this too. They realize they can not match GTA at their own game and now are trying to get as wild as possible with the SR2. While GTA is becoming grounded and playing like a really deep on going movie. I also believe Microsoft realized this when they made Crackdown. (my favorite of the genre besides GTA) They went with your super cop leaping over buildings, super sprints, and super punches. I believe GTA IV is the best game I have ever played. There is no comparison in my mind, for everything removed, I don't even care. The game has surpassed my expectations, and I have been waiting 4 years!!

Sim=GTA IV(as realistic as possible in a videogame)
Arcade=Saints Row/Crackdown(as crazy and unbelievable as it gets)

Well, that was my rant for the day.

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what i think:
Simulator = see or play realisticly, test scenarios
Arcade = Everything in the game is built to entertain you as a gamer

i agree with what most of wat u said, Gta IV can might aswell be an interactive movie, and Saints Row seems to exaggerate aspects of weapons, gangs, cars etc.
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I also think GTA IV is basically an interactive movie, not to mention the most thought provoking game I've ever played. When I played Saint's Row I was like "this feels like a B grade action movie"... That's not to say I didn't enjoy it, and after I beat SA for the third time it's what kept me over until recently... ..But IMHO IV's story ranks up there with any Scorsese film....And I'd rather play as an immigrant with realistic problems than some generic thug or Robocop clone any day.....I loved crackdown- throwing dumpsters and buses at people never got old- but the lack of a real story did....And I agree that IV is more of a sim than arcade, not just because of the more realistic gameplay mechanics, but again because of the plot and the darker subject matter......but there's one arcadish element that I can mention- driving. I compare IV's driving to the NFS and midnight club game's.......And I certainly have no problem with that- who the hell would want to evade police in heavy traffic with GT or Forza style handling? It would be fun to some extent, but it would be too much work- and forget about shooting......
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