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Question re: DLC and "pop-in"

I don't want to start a PS3 vs. 360 argument here - I think this is a legit question. Many of the reviews I've read say that load times and graphics work a touch better on the PS3 because it has an HD install. Now, we know that regular 360 games don't have HD installs because not everyone has an HD.

HOWEVER, don't you have to have an HD to get DLC? And doesn't DLC store on the HD and run from the HD? (I'm not entirely sure on that, so please correct me if I'm wrong). If that is the case, is there a chance that the load times and graphical issues that are on the release version of the game on the 360 might disappear when the DLC comes?

For instance, if the DLC includes a new geographical area, it would stand to reason that all the graphical assets for that area would be stored on the HD as part of the DLC. So maybe those graphics would actually load faster, reducing pop-in, etc., because they are coming off the HD?

I dunno - it just seems like any technical advantage the PS3 is showing is a result of the HD install. If DLC requires an HD install, then maybe it will solve this problem on the 360 and make the games technically identical. Anyone?

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