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It does happen that I pirate now and then, but in this case, I won't. And I mostly just pirate stuff as a "demo", if it sucks, I refuse to buy it. I thought of buying Soldier of Fortune 3(payback) for example, but instead I downloaded the full version, and I just quit right after less than half of the first level. It's horrible...
But R* has always failed to disappoint me so I don't really feel like I'm having a reason to download a "Full Demo". (Games are so damn expansive over here so I can't really afford just guessing out of the blue if the game is for me or not.. reviews have failed me before so...)

All in all, I'll open my wallet for R*.
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Cd's, Movies... Ill download that shit with no hesitation... but a game is different, i don't know why, but the thought never even crossed my mind before. I mean i could probably chip my 360 and play the game right now for cheaper than the game cost, but that defeats the whole purpose. You cant play on live, you cant bring the game to a friends house... Id rather pay for my copy of GTA4, I think Rockstar earned that much, and i want that lockbox!
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F*ck all yaw B****es....Except all the staff. You guys are cool.
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you reallly ruin your fun for a game by pirating.
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Originally Posted by RedAvery View Post
you reallly ruin your fun for a game by pirating.
How is that? Do you mean by online play or just owning the copy. In the case of online play then def. It's the chance these guys take. I'm sure MS knows who has modded console but have not taken much action against it yet. One day though, the hammer will come down and they will be forced to buy a new console and start over hah.
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wsup den
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Originally Posted by Scott View Post

What's the point? R* have been developing this game forever. They've put blood sweat and tears into both versions, and they still will to make the DLC for 360.

It was scheduled for release last year, but it was pushed back. The wait from March to October was bad, then you were told it would come out in "Q2 2008". You waited longer.

It's now 5 days away. You have to get past the weekend, go to school or work or college or uni on Monday, and then when you wake up, or even at midnight for the lucky few, you'll be able to play the game.

If you don't have enough patience to wait 5 more days after a 13 month wait, then you have no self control.

The moral of the story is this: you've waited 13 months for this game. You respect R* for making the greatest game series ever, yet you're willing to pirate the game, therefore not giving R* the money they not only need, but deserve, just to play it a few days early.

Make the right choice people.
Wow man, my respect for you just went through the roof!

I agree with everything you said, and I'm trying to get people to see the bigger picture. I don't care what anyone pirates around here, it's not my business. But when it comes to GTA IV, we've realistically been waiting since San Andreas in 2004 for a GTA game this big. We've all watched the first trailer together a year ago, we all suffered through the same, crushing delay together. And for anyone here to even THINK about downloading this game, I just get so angry at them. I just can't see why anyone would want to do such a thing, just because "I can't wait anymore, fuck it, I'm downloading". That's just a slap in the face to everyone who's worked so hard on this game for us. They could have made a shit game for the hell of it, but no...They spent every possible second putting together a masterpiece that all of us are going to enjoy for years to come. That doesn't deserve $60? I would pay any price for this game as long as it was within reason. And I'm going to wait until midnight to get my copy, because that's how Rockstar wanted it, and I'll feel better about myself for doing it.
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