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F*ck all yaw B****es....Except all the staff. You guys are cool.
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those kids on gamespot are upset because the euphoria engine does not apply to niko's nutsack.
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as far as i see it, people are always gonna find SOMETHING to complain about, in my opinion this game is gonna be f'ing amazing, and those complaining ppl can gtfo
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Raziel 665
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I can't understand why they'd complain.

I've seen like about 20 mins in total of video's, avoided spoilers, like the intro, and there was nothing I didn't like. It was all perfect.

In fact, it just got me more and more excited, cause it looked so much more smooth and detailed than I expected.
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Originally Posted by NMae12 View Post
Im a member on gamespot and all i see on there is people bitching and whining about how theyre so dissapointed about this game from a few crap videos recorded on someones camera and put on the internet. already theyre critisising and rating the game and saying it doesnt have this or that. Am i overreacting or are they whining for no reason? i think the game looks great so far. A few minor technical problems wont hold me back from having a great time, this is GTA, san andreas wasnt the prettiest game ever but it is one of the most fun.

/end wall of text.
i fully agree 10o% and well gta san andreas wasent really my stlye i went for vixce city and gta3 more but yes iam tired of it i watched sum 1 broadcast live footage for over an hour and it was fucken amazeing and if people want to bitch about it dont fucken buy the game dam iam tired of it shit all thes homos oo the driving oooh the guns dont cok back omg o nooo shut the fuck up dam!!!ooo look at the devil dude on page 1 wut a fucken moron oooo i hope the landmass is as big as gta sa omg who te fuck cares thats the stupidest sit ive ever heard and it nots just to tell u its smaller dumbass becuse more detail x100 was put in and yea dumbass

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Nobody holds a right to complain until they've at least tried it, in my book. And frankly, from the one gameplay video I managed to see, sticking within the guidelines here by saying the least, I think it was great. A BIG step up from S.A. already. And I'm still addicted to that, even after four years. If GTA IV was built to last, and anything like I saw, the four years in S.A. I got could amount this time around to say... 8 to 12, perhaps? lol..

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