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Eugenics on Social Club

Ok. So the Social Club updated yesterday with new little mini-ads for various "contest" or stat-based sections of the site. There's now the LCPD Blotter, the Hall of Fame, the 100% Club, the Story Gang, and the Marathon. These are pretty clearly related to something you can do in game that the site will track.

When the site first launched there were ads for Beat It, which definitely looks like some stat-based contest, ZiT, which is a known in-game service, and Midnight Club: LA, a game we know is coming to the site.

So what to make of Eugenics, the Sperm for Cash ad? Every other ad on the site has something to do with reality, i.e. there will be something you can do in the game that the section will track. So I'm led to believe that Eugenics will have some game-related functionality tied into it.

Tony Wallop, the porn star client of Eugenics, says he gives his weekly load in exchange for some free plastic surgery. So I'm thinking that you can somehow trade in the money you grab in multiplayer for some kind of modifications to your character model. R* already revealed that as you level up you will have more customization options for your character available. Is that what Eugenics is? Or is it separate from that - something tangible to actually do with all the money you grab in MP?

Anyone have any thoughts?
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