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The Genovese Family www.GTAIVMafia.com
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360 Multiplayer Clan: The Genovese Family

The Genovese Family: An Xbox 360 Multiplayer Crew

Official Trailer
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Official Forum
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General Background

We've been modeled after what some say to be the most powerful mafia family in the world. The Genovese Family is a currently active Mafia Family in New York City and is part of "The Five Families".

We're a smaller, more selective mafia. Everyone that is in our mafia is extremely talented and well respected. We were the leaders of Liberty City during the 30s, 40s, and 50s, until our then Boss (Charles Luciano) was murdered during the Castellammarese War and we slowly moved out of the spotlight. Our latest boss, Dimitri "Gotadime" Luciano is now bringing us back to power in the capital of the world, Liberty City.

Thanks to old mafia money, we reside in the high end of Algonquin - a lifestyle that we're not about to give up. We always dress to impress and take care of business with our own unique flash. [Read More...]

Current Members (Eighty-Seven Members)

Current Boss

Dimitri "Gotadime" Luciano (Knight125)

Member List

1. Stephano "Stevie" Massino (Bug19) Retired
2. Mickey "The Nose" Donaughu (TinyHunt) Retired
3. John "RaulxDuke" Dominic (BlinkDay)
4. Lile "Loyal" Pacino (LileL23)
5. Johnny Boy (Jon the Amazing)
6. Danny "Don't Blink" Davinni (RellimJoe)
7. Vinny "Insurgent" Genovese (pr0dd)
8. Warren "Mr Maniac" Dawes (Warren Dawes)
9. Enrico "The Spaniard" Angeli (YoungMaximus718)
10. Steve "Hit 'n Run" Patrick (Shortkiller Kid)
11. Vincent "Vinny" Scaglietti (KingEcko72)
12. Frankie "The Finger" Gambino (xkLoNex)
13. Joey "Snake Eyes" Sabella (TheNeXt6)
14. Vlad "Viscious" Gulbov (DV1986)
15. Joey "No Thumbs" Demayo (trunk187)
16. Damir Kulenovic (Hammi24)
17. Louie "Lucky" De Quincey (LXVII) Retired
18. Don "Mann" Castellano (DMannDD)
19. Jeff "The Claw" Perron (Venim88)
20. Boris "The Blade" Yurinov (Yoonskii)
21. Christopher "The Chris" Genovese (Mixb)
22. "Ghost" (SttatiC)
23. Louis "Lepke" Buchalter (walsh2458)
24. Bobby "OG" Johnson (Og Killa Big)
25. Silvio "Smooth" Calcese (The Demonata)
26. Lyall "Red" Cooper (AUAnonymous)
27. Wille "Cheech" Cicci (ShiZor9)
28. Deandre "Reaper" Brooks (X KravMagaDC X)
29. Joey "Gunner" Jihad (CertifiedGunnah)
30. Aikan "Gazelle" Graham (AikG)
31. Juice from Jersey (DoughBoyInker)
32. Jimmy''Macine Gun''Maximo (Mcsherry07)
33. Stewart "SeeMeNot" Watson (NPGa L337 Snipe)
34. Gino "Big Worm" Rizzo (TheWorm70)
35. Jay "The Slugger" Boyle (xXxJayBxXx)
36. Larry "Ice Pick" Dallas (Sleeze1)
37. Rocky "The Angel" Sullivan (Stiler)
38. James "Lawless" Dante (Lawless 859)
39. Pat "Money" House (Pmoneymcw96)
40. Sven "Hatchet" Lonsdale (Spartan B028)
41. Charles "Charlie" Davies (Tylea)
42. Tony Massa (HoodedCJDJ)
43. Tommy "Two Time" Timini (RyanDude727)
44. Raimen "Dirte" Turkish (DBI540)
45. Donnie Dominator (danielboon696)
46. Johnny "High Flyin" Rae (xITTBx OBAMA)
47. Max "Fox" Parker (MetalGunBlade)
48. Brad "Jersey" DeLorenzo (BradDelo)
49. Danny "Sloppy" Venezia (sloppyponcho)
50. Meek "Tha Freak" B (basic865)
51. Flood of Red (ks aiden)
52. Anthony "Sick Dog" DiCamillo (Taddz420)
53. Dutch "Oven" Harry (CardJoker)
54. Fingerless Freddy (A Pantsless Man)
55. John "Shadow" Gaffino (JMG Shadow)
56. Manuel "Manny" Costello (Deztructo)
57. Jenry "Slim" Pao (NobleBird)
58. Johnny "Baby" Nanes (XZ CatsSkl ZX)
59. Dylan "Dizzy" Deetch (D33TCH x B3 xM3)
60. Marcus "Lil Reap" McKay (Lil Reaper228)
61. Devon "G-Maab" McKay (CussingGhost14)
62. Mitch "Bottle Rocket" Dasovich (mitchdasovich)
63. Avellio Mirano (Eepraiz)
64. Johnny Tightlips (UnknownErrorUK)
65. NYG (NYG26)
66. Robert "Grease" Coleman (LordLeverette)
67. Johnny Joe Sciortino (KingJoffeJ) Removed
68. Danny "Vito" Mangano (degu117)
69. Ben "Dragon" Masse (southkingofhell)
70. Voski (The Voski)
71. Razz "Deus Ex Machina" Jackson (RENCAMO)
72. Antonio "The Gun" Clementi (Frazer 111)
73. Seamus "Ireland" McMahon (lfcbmx10)
74. Fraser "The Shooting Gangster" Smith (Fraser415)
75. Pontuzz (Swedish LunaTic)
76. Ambrogino "Wheels" Luciano (Mikemcbad)
77. Irish (Eck Doa)
78. Ray "The Duck" Charles (raycharles1409)
79. Shred (SHREDDER S47)
80. Pauli John Salvatorie (Paulioc100)
81. Ron "Is Gone" Previte (fatal007)
82. Chameleon (Chameleon23)
83. Nick "Mist" Grand (Xtromist)
84. Andrew "The Guardian" Leffert (IndigentClown)
85. Jimmy "Headshot" Hovelli (Jim destroys u)
86. Lucky "Mookie" Harwood (dronkmunk)
[Empty Position. Apply on our Official Site.]

Full Member and Position Information on our official site: GTAIVMafia.com

How To Join

Join by clicking "Join Us" and filling out
the easy form on our official site: GTAIVMafia.com

Thanks for reading and enjoy the new site!

^ Xbox 360 Multiplayer Crew - Join Us Today! ^
F8 Media | Experience Apollo
XBL Gamertag: Knight125

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