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Some new info from Level (a Swedish magazine)

  • You can precision throw grenades.
  • You can break dumpsters, fire hydrants, bushes and park -benches with your car.
  • With the new wanted system, it's practically impossible to escape from two police cars and helicopters.
  • No boats will stop to help you if you swim in the 10°C water.
  • While sailing with a sailing boat, Niko gets outrun by people jogging on the shore.
  • Being chased by police cars and at the same time having a female voice giving directions is priceless.
  • A lot of thing resembles to American gangster movies such as The Usual Suspects and Heat.

These infos are coming from lagge92 via GTAForums. No scans available yet.


Retrieved from Brotha on March 03'08.

Originally Posted by Brotha View Post
Ok guys, I just bought the swedish magazine LEVEL that had some GTA IV info in it from their hands-on preview. Now much info has been revealed from the magazine, but I found many things that wasn´t mentioned on the net, so here´s some stuff I found:

- When night, ten thousands of lit up windows can be seen in Liberty City.

- It seems that you can breathe in while sniping, for more accuracy.

- The game looks nothing like it did back in March 2007, after trailer 1, the game was looking far from finished, with very unstable FPS count. Now the FPS is amazing all the time, no matter how much going on on the streets.

- When inputting the info in the police databases in cop cars, Niko drives with one hand and operates the computer with the other one.

- Some spotted street names were: North Holland, Ruby street, and Silicon street.

- When driving by, you can occasionally spot peds having problem with their cars, standing and shouting and waving with their arms.

- At one moment Niko said: "What the hell is wrong with these people ?" while driving by in the car.

- Characters breath can, besides on the street, also be seen when traveling to higher altitudes, like skyscrapers

- You can hang onto passing boats and climb onboard (similar to VCS I guess)

- There is a helicopter-tour place where you can take a tour around LC with a guide, or hire your own helicopters. Or just shoot the guide and steal the heli...

That´s all guys!

Huge thanks to K-evin for this signature.

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