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Preview from Xbox 360 Australia Magazine (June Issue) || Confirmation on Euphoria!

The magazine doesn't have much new to tell, yet they are confirmed about Euphoria being implemented into the game.

GTAIV incorporates developer NaturalMotion's revolutionary Euphoria animation engine, the same system being used by LucasArts in its upcoming Star Wars and Indiana Jones games. The Euphoria engine basically simulates the human body and nervous system , essentially doing away with scripted animations by enabling game characters that independently react to their surroundings in real time. For example, in the demo we were given, Niko automatically dropped his shoulders in order to squeeze past pedestrians walking on the pavement, and his footsteps and sense of balance adjusted to uneven patches of the street, as well as stairs and the rungs on the telegraph pole he climbed. By incorporating Euphoria, Rockstar is really adding a new layer of unpredictability to a style of game that was already highly random. Getting nudged by a slow moving car will likely result in an "I'm walkin' here" kind of reaction,whereas getting hit at top speed will see you dragged under the wheels, rolled up and over the bonnet or flung sideways - it all depends on what direction you were facing, the speed of the car, how fast you were walking, and so on.
Euphoria should also have a major impact on combat. Shooting an enemy in the leg might cause them to fall and shooting them in the shoulder might disarm them, and the direction you attack an enemy from might also determine the result of your actions - creep up behind them and you should get an easy headshot, but take them on face to face and they could well flinch or duck out of the way. Melee combat should also benefit from the use of Euphoria, as you should be able to throw people into walls, furniture or even off rooftops so that they flail desperately to grab for the edge of a fire escape as they plummet to their doom.
Source post

Scans at GTA4.fr

Huge thanks to K-evin for this signature.

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