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Anyway, I am putting the translated (thorough Systran) and 'un-rephrased' part that had talked about the cellphone.

However, after parking close to the dock berth and observing the bridge that will leverá it for Manhattan, the rich part of the city, the face pulls a telephone, that shows to all its contacts. Here the part most important of the demonstration starts probably: the proper Niko makes the linking.

For who he is not fan of the series can seem a trivial detail, but the fact of being able to control the contacts modifies all the structure of missions of the game. Instead of only receiving phone calls, now you yourselves it makes the linkings and it arranges the meetings and the projects - finally, since nobody supported to receive orders all the time. For what we could notice, the cellular one will be connected to the peripheral structure of the missions, a characteristic that it of the freedom not to explore Liberty City: to choose the way that wants to take between the tasks central offices, to know the areas, to interact with the gangs, everything in its way. It more than swims to have that to appeal to a paid telephone.
Let's see what more you guys can figure out from this!

Edit (After 5 days): Ah, I've found the exact english (and more detailed as it seems) version of the brazil preview at here.

Typing out the actual english part,
Niko parks down by the blue collar docks and exits the stolen saloon. He walks right up to the waterfront, past a building called Twitchins, which is a version of Brooklyn's landmark Domino's Sugar Factory. An idling animation raises his right foot forward and sets it on the broken concrete wall of a wharf as he looks thoughtfully accross the water. Broker Bridge spans the expanse to his left, stretching across to the slightly blurred Manhattan skyline, which curls across the wide horizon from uptown to downtown, familiar skyscrapers glowing as the sun hits. Seagulls hawk and scream as they swoop for fishy breakfasts and Niko takes all in, a stranger in a strange land that's familiar yet unexplored. It's an exciting prospect for him, as for us, and the promise in the air is tangible. Apparently satisfied with his outlook. Niko pulls out a cellphone with a broad PDA-style blue screen. A larger version of the cellphone pops up in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, so that you can actually use its address book and function. In perhaps the most significant part of the whole demo. Niko places a call. This has massive implications for GTAIV's mission structure, meaning that for the first time in the franchise, you'll be deciding who to contact, when to set up meetings, whether you're going to hook up with shady friends, or pitch for 'jobs' with gang contacts. It looks like your mobile will be the hub of your peripheral mission structure,a core feature that will give you even more freedom to explore Liberty City's boroughs, ganglands, skies and waterways, following your own paths off the central story missions. No more racing to ringing payphones to accept handed-down objectives. This time you are making, as well as taking the calls. And that's a very powerful feature. With multiplayer confirmed, but no details divulged beyond "No MMO", we imagine this could be a great way to contact Friends in the Xbox live game world for co-op and possibly even versus missions and bust-ups. The possibilities are manifold and we can't wait for more revelations.

Huge thanks to K-evin for this signature.

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