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Liberty City Life(XBOX 360)

Start of the Game - Players begin the game with $7,000 that can be used to purchase whatever they wish and give them a jump-start to success.

Death (Police Disregard This) - If you are killed by another player (non-execution) you must act out the death as an injury depending on where and how you were injured. You must return to the location of your injury after you respawn and act out everything accordingly such as going to the hospital.

Housing and Businesses - Players are often interested in buying property to live in or work out of. In order to do this, they must search through the property list. If you wish to start a business such as a cab service, head shop or anything else you need a building to operate out of. Only one house may be purchased per player, but any amount of people may stay in an already purchased home if the owner gives them permission whether for rent or free. The only way to collect revenue from a business is to have someone working at it for a daily shift or a steady A.I. worker that is paid just as a regular worker would. If you are a business owner you may work at a maximum of two of your businesses yourself, but you will need to hire additional workers if you wish to collect revenue for 3 or more businesses. The bank can not be scammed IC by an OOC loophole. You can try and not pay your loan IC and risk being arrested but any blatant scamming of the system such as willing the money or giving it to a friend...etc will result in OOC action.

Play Your Role - You must abide by the rules of your chosen characters lifestyle. This means that if you are a civilian, you will not be participating in assassinations, firefights with the cops, or robbing other players. If you do murder someone, it must be with roleplay purposes (they were holding you hostage and an opportunity for escape presented itself, you went crazy when you saw them because they tried to kill you previously). Do as a real life equivalent of your character would do in everyday life.

Purchasing a Weapon - Weapons may be purchased legally from the gun dealer or they can be purchased illegally from the black market (gangs). A gun purchased from the dealer will give the customer a license which allows them to keep the gun if they are arrested for a non-gun related crime. If they have a gun without a license it will be taken no matter what from police during any arrest and the player will receive a fine and jail time. The gun dealer may only sell non-automatic weapons including the knife, pistol(s), shotgun(s), and sniper. Any automatic weapon is considered illegal if used by a non-police officer and can only be purchased via the black market. You may not sell "single-fire" automatic weapons because that will get abused.

Knockout - If two players are in a fistfight and one of the players beats the other to a very low health they "knock them out". The player with the lower health must have his character be unconscious. He does not hear anything that the other players are saying and must do anything that they say.

Facial Reconstruction - If you wish to change the physical appearance of your character for whatever reason you have the option of facial reconstruction. It will be an advanced procedure that will take up to a day to complete. The recovery period will take the rest of the roleplay. A person can only change to a face of the SAME race. It will cost $3000, which you can take a loan for.

Vehicles - Players will automatically be provided with a Standard Drivers License that allows them to drive cars, buses, trucks...etc, however they must purchase additional licenses if they wish to operate vehicles such as Motorcycles, Boats, and Helicopters. Players may drive illegally, but if they are caught by police they will pay a heavy fine and do an extended jail sentence.

State Owned - If a property is owned by the state, it is temporarily owned by the host just as a means for players to get jobs. State owned properties CAN BE PURCHASED.

Gangs - Gangs may be established in-game if players meet together and wish to form a criminal empire. The roleplay will be limited to three gangs with a maximum of 4 players per gang, and if you wish to create a gang you must fill out an application in the gang page. Only 2 gangs will be allowed in each role play unless stated otherwise by the hoster, with a maximum of 3 players per gang on a first come first served basis. Gangs are required to make a post on the website with information about themselves including a ranking system, member list, owned property list, and history if they get their application accepted. Do not create a gang post if your gang hasn't been validated.

Drugs - Drugs are to be sold by a dealer in-game whether it be a lone criminal, or a gang outfit. Drugs may be imported from ship, grown, or purchased from a doctor and/or other dealers. Suggested prices are posted below, but you do not have to follow them. As a drug dealer you may purchase the required items to grow and/or make a drug from the general store. You must designate the location of your grow op to a staff member before you start to grow/make your product. The prices for items will be listed on the general store post. The only items that dealers can grow are meth and weed. Any other drug must be imported or purchased from a doctor.

If you are a criminal you have the option to import drugs through vehicular transport. This option has the most customization. You will make a legitimate system for importing your drugs and ask a staff member about it. If they OK it then you are set to go. One of the main options is to manually boat the drugs to the city. This will be done by driving your boat to the corner of the map on the ocean and stay there for two in game days. Once the two days are up you may bring back the drugs that you have imported to Liberty City. You may import any drug besides Marijuana or Meth.

These two options pertain to growing Marijuana and making Meth. What are unique about these two drugs is that they can be done by civilians as well.

Growing Marijuana
Marijuana seeds can only be purchased online at $50 per seed. The top amount of seeds you can order at one time is 4. The order takes one roleplay to reach Liberty City. To plant the seeds you must have the following from the General Store: Soil, Fertilizer, The Seed, and a pot(if grown indoors). Every seed needs its own pot, unless grown outside. Each marijuana plant can produce 3 ounces every roleplay, which can be harvested accordingly. If the plants are left alone for three roleplays they will wither away and die. If trimmed and kept up then the seeds will regrow. Civilians can only own up to two plants at a time.

Making Meth
Meth can be made by gang members and citizens alike. The materials you need for meth are a Chem Kit, Cold Medicine, Drain Cleaner, and a Bowl. All of these can be purchased at the General Store. To make the meth you must be in a kitchen or lab that either you or a friend owns. There are two types of Chemistry Kits. One is the Basic Chemistry Kit and it produces two grams of meth each roleplay for four roleplays. The other is the Advanced Chemistry Kit and it produces four grams of meth each roleplay and can be used forever.

Purchase from Doctor or Dealer
To purchase prescription drugs like Xanax, Vicodin, or Adderall you may find a doctor. A doctor can choose to illegally prescribe you these drugs which can be resold or abused. You can also resell drugs from dealers who get it from the source. The choice is yours.

The effects of these drugs can be determined by the user themselves however for those lacking drug knowledge here are some common side effects that can influence the players actions.
Marijuana Effects: Hunger, Enthusiasm, Spacey
Meth Effects: Euphoria, Numbness
Cocaine Effects: Overly Happy, Jittery, Excited
Heroin Effects: Drowsy, Euphoria, Hallucinations
Ecstasy: Exhiliration, Intense Euphoria, Intense Hallucinations
Oxycotin: Euphoria, Out of Body, Peaceful

College - In order to become a job that require a degree players must have attended college in-game. In order to attend college, players must go to a determined location in-game (Community College = Warehouse in Easthook by Brucie's house | Private College = Middle Park Museum), and sit in the room for 3 minutes (9-12) on Monday through Friday. It takes 6 in-game days to finish community college, and 10 in-game days to finish private college. Private College will cost $5000, and will be paid in cash upon entry. If a player cannot afford college, they may take a loan from the bank. Community college is completely free for players to attend.

Community College Job List:
Forensic Degree - Police inspector for crime scenes
Paramedic Degree - Command's EMT in assisting wounded individuals.
Engineering Degree - Require to start a construction company

Private College Job List:
Law Degree - Lets player become a lawyer.
Medical Degree - Heal wounded individuals at a hospital and overlook all medical operations.
Business Degree - Business owners get $500 more revenue per property and have a lower interest rate at the bank.

Working - Players may work in up to two jobs per day, as long as they have different shifts for each job, but keep it realistic; A player who is a doctor isn't going to have a second shift as a fast-food cashier.

Job List:
This list shows some jobs player may have. These jobs are not the only jobs players may have, just a helpful listing of potential jobs to get careers started. We use a Tier system where jobs will be ranked into tiers which dictates starting money and salary. While players may switch jobs it will be easy to tell if they try and cheat the system by starting as a doctor and switching to a crack dealer just to get the high starting money.

Laywer:$1200 per game. Can charge any chosen price to customer based on the case they are defending them in.

Doctor:$1200 per game. $100 per heal if a player requests a heal (healing lets the injured person obtain a healthpack). $150 per character death.

Cashier: Minimum of $75 per day, but can be offered more by owner of business. Must work 6-8 hour shifts. Works at desk and counter jobs such as fast food, restraunt, sales clerk.

Laborer: Minimum of $75 per day, but can be offered more by owner of business. Must work 6-8 hour shifts. Works at outside jobs such as Cargo Ships, Docks, Cargo Transportation.

Bodyguard: Salary discussed with owner at time of employment. A bodyguard works for a company or person, and their job is to guard a building or characters safety with their life. They may help important people avoid injury or death, chauffer around the famous, guard prisoners, or stand watch at a business.

Criminal: No Salary. Criminals make money through illegle activities such as robbery, kidnapping, trafficing, extortion...etc. This requires an extremely good roleplayer because of the lawlessness of their role. Criminals may only commit one violent/potentially violent crime per day (kidnapping, robbery), but drug and weapons trafficing may be done at an unlimited amount. Robbery amounts are as follows:
Mugging: $50
Robbing a Store: $300
Kidnapping: $800

Businessman/Real Estate Typhoon: $150 per game. Makes additional revenue by purchasing business and collecting revenue from them. This job can usually only be done once the player has made money in another way so they can afford to purchase said businesses. Business CANNOT collect revenue if players aren't working in their stores, but a businessman may run two of his stores by himself.

Public Transportation: Minimum of $75 per day, but can be offered more by owner of business. The job of a public transportation player is to provide a means of getting around the city for players who do not drive or are stranded. You may receive phone calls and pick people up, or make a regulated route that you follow each game. Vehicles to be used are taxi's and buses. Public transportation employees may charge additional fees for the actual transportation of players and are to inform players of their pricing before players enter their vehicle.

Gun Dealer: $35 per day. Additional salary made through sale commission.. All legitamate gun purchases are made through the gun dealer, and any gun purchased from them will reward the customer with a license for that gun. This means that if they own a license for a gun, it cannot be seized by police if the player is arrested for a non-gun related charge. The gun dealer makes no salary, rather a commission for each gun sale.

Some businesses get perks for owning them which are listed below.
If you own a cemetery than every time a player is CHARACTER KILLED (execution not just killed and sent to the hospital) you receive $250.

You can set up trade with other business owners who will pay to use your service. You also get free imports (still limited in the amount you can import)

Police - Will receive salaries based on rank if they are promoted. They get $50 per successful arrest or ticketing. A list of tickets and jail sentencing can be found in the police forum. The job of a police officer is to make sure all laws and rules of the roleplay are upheld. This requires extreme patience and a level of roleplay that rivals any other job in-game. Police must use necessary force when responding to any situation and be careful with how they deal with crimes. All real life crimes are to be enforced such as evading arrest, assault, possession...etc. Police will be forced to check licenses via the forums when people are arrested, transport suspects to jail, and have a deep understanding of laws. If a criminal wishes for a court case, they will be sent to the North Holland P.D., where they may post bail. Time served at NH P.D. Players may not escape from jail.

Use of mods - Our community openly supports modding. We believe gamers should be allowed to mod their consoles freely. We will accept modders into the community but we have a strict set of rules that anyone (even admins) with mods must follow. Modding, essentially, gives you the power of god. We put a great deal of trust into anyone who has mods and we hope they use them responsibly.

General modding rules:
You cannot use mods:
-To get yourself out of trouble. This means that you can't use speed mods or teleportation to evade police and/or other players in the event it may affect the outcome of the roleplay.
-To kill other players
-To make yourself invincible
-To make yourself invisible

You can use mods:
-To spawn cars for yourself or other players(as long as they own that car or have a roleplay reason to have it)
- To modify cars with Garage Mods
-To change your character skin accordingly
-To teleport(But only at the start of the game)

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