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Re: Re: Re: 99.47%

Originally posted by Asif
Hey! I've done the 1st level of the freight mission.

Save Game

Now I want you to do the last level (i.e. 2nd level), thus make your way to 100% by yourself. It's easy as hell like the 1st level.
Here are some tips for you...

◙ Start from Sobell Rail Yards, LV (find it on the map), whenever you go there, a train is always ready there for you.

◙ while on track, keep your speed around 45 mph. Dont cross 48 mph, otherwise it will de-rail and fail the mission.

◙ Hit the brakes when you are 250-300 feet away from the targetted spot.
Hey Asif! thanks man. Can you tell me how much time consumed this mission. When i do it it takes 45min to reach SF-->LV.
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