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Re: Guide to Harmful Glitches!


Its me Link. Sorry about the long time since I been on, I know, but I need a favor from you. Could you send this guide to my email. I plan to make a library so if I need anything. I won't have to go bugging you guys about it. It'll be right there. My email is

Originally posted by m52nickerson
The following are known bad glitches in SA. It is not in any way a list of every glitch, only the ones that are harmful. Each glitch has a basic description followed by any known causes and fixes. The information has been gathered through this forum and its member,, as well as my own experiences. I hope this help anyone who is new to the game.

1. Canít finish a mission glitch
There are some missions in SA that can pick up a glitch which makes that mission impossible to beat. One example of this is in the mission Mad Dogg. Mad Dogg will jump before you can possible save him.

Cause: Saving with cheats on, especially cheats that affects peds. Example, the ped riot cheat. Other cheats that affect the game play in some way may also cause a mission glitch.

Fix: None, other then starting a new game. Just donít save after cheating.

Note: Health and Weapons cheats are most likely save to use. I said most likely because you can never be 100% sure.
For the PC version same members of this forum have reported mission glitches after installing mods. You may want to ask some one who has the mod, before installing it.

2. Canít obtain 100% glitch
This is on the same lines as the mission glitch, but affects other things that are needed to obtain 100%. One example is the vanishing oyster. Some people have reported that one of the oyster disappears, not allowing you to collect it.

Cause: Same as the mission glitch, saving after cheating.

Fix: None, donít save with cheats.

3. Garage door will not open.
Sometimes you will find that a garage door is stuck and will not open for long periods of time. This can happen to any garage in the game.

Cause: Unknown.

Fix: Standing in front of the garage pause the game. Now open the map up. Wait for about 1 second then back out of the map and unpause the game. The door should pop open. If not repeat.

4. Garage eats custom paint on cars.
You open your garage to find that your Slamvan has lost is cool custom paint and it now all white. Well then you have run into this glitch.

Cause: Saving a car with a custom paint job in a garage. Sometimes the paint will disappear.

Fix: None really. If you only save one car in a garage it will reduce the chances of this happening, but its not full proof. One thing you can do is to keep cars with custom paint in the city were the mod shop there were done is. Example, keep lowriders in Los Santos so when the paint goes bye bye it is not that far to get it repainted.

5. Canít play pool any more.
You wanted to play a game of pool but when you got to the bar you canít start a game, and why does the bartender have her hands in the air?

Cause: If you hit, kill, target anyone in a bar or night (dance) club you will never be able to play pool again. You will know this is the case because when you walk in the bartender will raise her arms, and peds will duck.

Fix: Again none. It is simple enough to avoid just donít start any trouble in bars or night clubs.

6. Basket balls are gone.
Went to the court to improve your mad skills, but all the basket balls are gone.

Cause: If you save at Mad Dogs crib (aka the Mansion) you run the risk of getting this glitch.

Fix: None, are you seeing a pattern so far. It can be avoided, just donít save in the mansion and you will be fine.

7. Girlfriends never home
This is common, your girlfriend is just never around when she is suppost to be.

Cause: Unknown, just seems to happen from time to time.

Fix: Grab some flowers (any gift may work, but I have only tested it with flowers) and stand out side your girlfriends house just before the first time she is normally there. If here normal times are something like 22:00 to 4:00 you may have to wait until midnight. At the right time the corona should appear. Just stand far enough away that you donít get the message ďyour girlfriend is not homeĒ. This may not work every time. You can also avoid this glitch by dating the girl to 100% right after you start going out, just take her out every night until you reach 100%.
Note: This fix may not work with Mille, your best bet is to show up at her door in the gimp suit.

8. Canít work out or The Gym glitch.
You went to the gym to work off that extra cluckin bell you had on your date, but you get the message ďyouíve reached your limit for the day, come back tomorrow.Ē But you have not worked out for days, WTF.

Cause: Seems random at most times, but does seem to occur more after finishing the story missions. One known cause is saving away hunger. If you save the game instead of eating when the game tell you CJ is hungry you will get this glitch. Itís not the only why thou.

Fix: There are a few. The first thing you can do is eat a bunch of meals, they can be salad meals. Eat 11 meals then try to work out. You may have to save after eating for it to work. You can also raise one out your stats, I know raising the gambling, and the lung capacity stats have worked. If nether of these work try to play for a long time with out saving the game, 5-7 in game days. I have always ďplayedĒ while trying this, I donít know if just letting CJ stand there will have the same affect. The final why is to change every thing about CJs appearance, hair, tattoos, clothing, build (gain fat). If none of these work you may have to deal with not being able to work out. Most of the time the glitch will right it self sooner or later (could be much later). This is not crippling, if you keep a little bit of fat (5-10%) on CJ he will not lose muscle.

9. Spay tag glitch
You run out of spray paint while spaying a tag, when you go back you can't complete the tag. Which means you can't get 100%.

Cause: Running out fo paint mid way through spaying a tag location. This is different that just not spaying the tag all the way. You must run out of paint for this really happen.

Fix: None, you must start a new game. To avid this make sure you spray each location until you get the message "xx of 100 tags complete", and make sure you have enough paint.

End Notes: You should always have a back up save file, that way if you pick up a harmful glitch you can go to your back up.

If you know of a new glitch or if you see something wrong, or find this guide useful let me know. Happy gaming.
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