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Originally posted by {JOC}
Hey I need a little help with something that may be a glitch.

Okay im in the process of taking over all of the gang territories so I dont get that annoying "our 'hoods being attacked" message. I cant remmember I died or something in the middle of taking one or maybe I left chasing some a.w.o.l. ballas anyway i didnt get the territory and now it is colorless and No gangstas appear in it! Is it a glitch or a normal occurence? Can I still get all the other territories and not get that message? Has any1 else had this prob?
Well its sort of a glitch. You can fix it by getting some rival gang members to follow you there, if they NEVER spawn there, and start a gang war that way. That should change it to a green, if you win.

Originally posted by Voodoo _Chile
Finally this has been stickied, well done m52nickerson!
Thank you Voodoo.
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