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Hey, Endo.

How about we make a website, (PHP-based, of course.) where people can submit PC saves to us, and ask us to beat them for them!! We can range from GTA III, up to San Andreas.

We can call it:, or .org, maybe. Because we would be non-profit.

It would be a lot easier then waiting on this forum.

We could have you, me, and SCO, if he likes. Because he's good at getting gold.

We would have check-lists, on whither the staff can use cheats, which staff they would like to beat it.


[X] Endo Monkey - Can beat saves relatively quickly, can do driving/flying/boat learning missions, but can't get all gold, and does not need to use cheats.

[X] Gir489 - Can beat saves relatively quickly, can do all but driving/flying/boat learning missions. Does not need to use cheats.

[X] SCO - Can beat driving/flying/boat learning missions, and get all gold, and does not need to use cheats.

I think we can don't need to use cheats, but it helps me if I can use rocketman to get to a save-point. But, stealing a car is a good way, too.

I can pay for it. I wold just need a web-designer.
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