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Re: End of the Line

Originally posted by gimplord
Hey, i CANNOT keep up with tenpenny in the chase, the only time ive gotten anywhere near i couldnt manage to ram the truck to save Sweet, please could someone do it for me? Cheat as much as you want, i jetpack everywhere anyway, lol!
Before I'm going to pass this mission for you, I want you to try this again. You should not ram the firetruck. Keep following it, that's all you have to do. In a while, a police officer climbs out of the firetruck (he probaly sat next to Tenpenny) and is heading for sweet to try to kick him off the ladder. If that happends, it will tell you to keep following the truck and stay close to Sweet, try to stay under him and Sweet will jump in your car. All you have to do is chase him and after a while Tenpenny dies by his own accident.
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