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Originally posted by FUGITIVE
Ive shot and slayed and killed bars full of people and I can still play pool.
some bar tenders raise their arms but not at all bars, like in LV they raise their arms and Ive never caused any trouble there.
and I can play pool everywhere Ive wanted to, even in bars Ive killed in.
R* may have fixed this in the PC version. If you are talking about the PS2 version, you did not save afterwards.

Originally posted by creamfilledturd the gym glitch is harmless and nothing to worry about since there is a max muscle and max fat button cheat, it's the basketball glitch which is the one to worry about, the fuck if I'm starting a new game to just get my basketball back, damn R* assholes can't do anything right.
Cheating is bad, and can cause bigger problems.

Originally posted by GTdave Very helpful; nice work. I have some questions though, for some of these "unfixable" glitches, or even for the fixable ones I guess; if you start a new game; will the glitches transfer over? Is there a higher chance of getting the same glitches (even if you avoid them?) and if they do transfer after starting a new game, would formating the memory card work?
To be safe I would start fresh, that is delete any games that have glitches you do not want. As I said this is just to be safe.

Originally posted by Ace_Roller with the girlfriend glitch:
i had that with barbara, but it think its supposed to be that way because the red mark normally appears at 15:00, but after a dancing date, it didn't appear, so i waited untilthe next day and the mark was there again. I think you have to wait 1 day for the girlfriend to get "rested".
Yes you have to wait unitl the next day to take the girls out again. So if you pick up the girl at 22:00 on monday and then drop them of 3:00 on tuesday, you will have to until 22:00 on wednesday to take them out again.
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