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how do you compete in the race tournaments:
Racing missions:

Los Santos
Lowrider Race
Little Loop
Backroad Wanderer
City Circuit
Into the Country
Badlands A
Badlands B

San Fierro
Dirtbike Danger
Benito County
Go-Go Carting
San Fierro Fastlane
San Fierro Hills
Country Endurance

Las Venturas Airport Freight Depot Races
San Fierro to Las Venturas
Dam Rider
Desert Tricks
Las Ventuars Ringroad

Las Venturas Airport Races
World War Aces
Military Service
Chopper Checkpoint
Whirly Bird Waypoint
Heli Heli

I can not find them anywhere. I am far enough in the game that I should be able to compete in them. I have heard three different things pertaining to the races. One website said there is a race menu, another said that after you complete the ceaser missions in los santos that a checkered flag apears on the map, and this website said that the races open up for you to play after you complete driving school. Anybody know what the status is? Has anybody competed in the race tournaments, if so let me know when the where opened for you to play and where you went to enter? thanks
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