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Thumbs up Andrew Noops' Legendary DODO flight

I found the guy who got the record-length flight in the Dodo. He is Andrew Noops (he's on some other GTA3 site).
He does not have a website any more, but the pictures are posted on a image site somewhere.
Here are the links:
In flight - looping
Crash land - he said it wasnt his best landing ever, but he did go for 49 hours.
The flight time
Close up confirmation

He got as a prize a signed box and CD of the game:

The box is signed by the lead analyst of the GTA3 team.

So, his time was 176488 seconds. That makes 2941 minutes, 49.02 hours, or 2 days and 1 hours of continuous flight. All on a PS2, so I think we can all say that this is definately a fake. These photos would be impossible to fake.

Anyone willing to challenge him (and in GTA3, not VC - the plane is a helluva lot easier to fly in GTAVC)?

BTW - I am not Andrew Noops - I can barely fly the bloody dodo.
But I chose this particular wormhole especially for the occasion. You see, at the end of this wormhole, lies ... A ROOM WITH A MOOSE!!
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