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Question Corrupted save games (0 KB size) on modded game

Hey there. I am new to these forums and new to modding GTA - I have however experience in modding other games.

I have modded GTA IV accoring to a step by step guide, and my game looks and runs perfectly fine, however I am unable to save my games. The files are created, but they are 0KB in size and when I try to load a game, I get an error message. See screenshots below. Can anyone think why is that and how can I fix it? I will describe the modding process below, so that you know what mods I have used.

Also, the filenames in game look strange, not like vanilla game.

1. Nil-size save files:

2. In-game error message:

3. In-game file names:

The modding process:

1. Downgraded GTA IV to version
2. Changed the game directory name.
3. Installed Rockstar Social Tool, copied contents to the original game directory, deleted the new directory and changed the original directory name back to normal.
4. Downloaded GTAIV .Net Script Hook v1.7.1.7 BETA, copied dsound.dll, ScriptHook.dll and ScriptHookDotNet.asi to the game folder.
5. Created a shortcut to LaunchGTAIV.exe with -norestrictions argument and was running the game from this shortcut from now on.
6. Installed RealizmIV 6.2 and Fonts Mod
7. Installed Ultimate Textures 2.0
8. Installed VisualIV 1.7.6
9. Installed iCEnhancer 1.25

Like I said, my game runs fine, it looks great, I don't experience any glitches etc. Both auto save and manual saves however create empty files that cannot be loaded.

I would appreciate any help or advice! Thanks!
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