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Game crashes after a while of playing? And a few other issues

Hi guys. Thanks to anyone who is still around this many years later and might be of help.

I'm having a few issues, with only the first one being major:
1) If I play eating crap for a long time, nothing seems to go wrong (so far). But if I'm doing a mission, it randomly crashes to desktop at different locations and in different cars and in different missions. I haven't been able to find a pattern yet
2) In trying to spawn all the vehicles I've replaced (see below), I noticed that Simple Native Trainer refuses to load a bunch of them, even though I can see some of them driving around and I can steal them. I wanted to spawn every single car I've modified to eliminate that as a cause, but this is happening
3) Sometimes the textures just disappear, so if I'm at the airport, I see my car hovering over the ocean water, for example. Or buildings disappear, etc.
4) When I got into a cab for one of the early missions, the cab driver kept driving into alleyways and crashing into buildings. I ended up getting out and driving myself there because it was taking so long...

What are the typical causes of the above?

My PC specs: i7 @3.4Ghz (stock), 8GB DDR3 Ram, Windows 8.1 Pro, Samsung 840 Pro SSD (where Windows and steam/the game are installed), EVGA GTX 760 Superclocked 2GB, Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme sound card, and liquid cooling (so it's not overheating) I think that's more than enough for this game.

I got the game through Steam, so it's version

I have CryENB v1 installed, have manually replaced about 90 vehicles (editing their handling, carcol, vehicle lines correctly as well), and have Simple Native Trainer running. I also have Traffic Flow to deal with the Taxi bug.

I have also installed a few HD texture replacements that either came with ENBs or I downloaded from here.

One of the suggestions I found online was to disable DEP for the game...Windows 8.1 is saying that this game can't be run without DEP, that DEP must be enabled for it. So I can't disable it.

I will try a clean install and continue troubleshooting on my own, but I'd like some help. The only reason I decided to play GTA IV (I skipped all versions after GTA: VC until GTAV came out) was because I saw how nice it could look modded. I don't think I'll play through it without mods, so I really want to make the mods work well.

Thanks in advance.
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