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Are you still playing Grand Theft Auto IV?


The newest Grand Theft Auto V is already an big period with us, alot of people are playing Grand Theft Auto V at the moment, but I just think that Los Santos got an little bit boring. I just explored the whole city and in my eyes it's just an little failure. When I play Grand Theft Auto IV, I get the same feeling back with the release of the game. I guess that I think that it isn't boring to play older Grand Theft Auto's. It's pretty hard to play Grand Theft Auto IV or an older game, because you have alot of new options in Grand Theft Auto V.

I started playing Grand Theft Auto IV an few days ago, and I am beginning to get addicted to it again. Liberty City is just really big, the missions are entertaining. I like to get the vehicles from Brucie, or just hang out with some people in Grand Theft Auto IV. Playing an older Grand Theft Auto game is giving me better feelings then the newest.

Are you still playing Grand Theft Auto IV?
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