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Thanks for the speedy reply!

Ah if only, I downloaded it first before going on that frantic search and to my disappointment it was not the exact texture file used, the vanille texture in the link your provided is far less "shiny" in the rain, and thats what was so appealing about this particular mod in the first place, and also like I mentioned in the chest area theres a thin sort of missing texture that is quite noticeable, large enough to be very annoying.

Unfortunately until someone uploads that specific mod, with just Vanille - where you can also edit her hair color with the trainer, I'm SOL.

Theres a bit of good news regarding metalwar's mods however, when I was looking through my GTAIV folder on my old PC searching in vain for the Vanille mod I stumbled upon a pc/data/maps folder that includes these two files-

As well as 3 unidentified map folders named- Rex, inc, and gundam.

So I tested out the atlantis and seafleat files and they're all in working order, all ide,img and wpl files accounted for, missing only the readme but thankfully that's located in the file download pages I linked.

So can I upload them to dropbox or something and link it in this thread so you can acquire them, since the download links to MetalWars' skydrive thread are dead as well? I can provide screenshots if necessary to verify that they do indeed work 100%, I just want to give back to this community the only way I know how, since there are probably people out there bummed as I am about not being able to find that specific mod they're searching for, and finding it nowhere else on the internet because metalwar's mods are really hard to find apart from on this site right now.

I'm thinking I can upload both folders via dropbox, and then you can host them on the site itself, but they don't have to link to my original dropbox link since who knows how stable and available that will be in the long run? Is that possible?

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