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Unhappy MetalWars Vanille Nude (Ped) Mod, link broken and dead

Hey all I'm really desperate here,
I downloaded this a year or so ago on my old PC but now I have a new one, the old file is lost and turns out the link to download is now dead as well.

I'm posting this in the hopes that the link could possibly be fixed or someone who has the mod could upload it? I don't care if you're too lazy to look through your componentpeds.img file, I will do it for you and locate the files myself I just desperately need this mod as its one of the best ped mods for GTAIV out there, although there is already a nude Vanille in the nude girls pack by metalwars, the textures are not the same - less shiny overall and in the rain, and theres a noticeable texture seem in the chest there.

Now I found the original download page here and clicked on the download link in the vain hope that somehow it was still up but nope - Invalid URL Request, so that's a dead end as well.

If someone could help and upload their version or another download link I would hugely appreciate it and be eternally grateful, thanks.
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