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Originally Posted by Lynk View Post
You moved abroad for the sole reason of it being a tax haven, otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned it. There's nothing admirable about that. Just shows that you a cheat
Bugger, you have a very simplistic way of looking at things
Its not a tax haven (do you even know where I live? No!).
We just don't pay tax (officially)... expect fro example that my fuel bills are 700% higher than the locals. lol
And no we didn't move here for the tax break. We moved because I got offered a great job and had been stuck in my previous job for 5 years with no hope of progression.
I paid off my 10k student loan through working here, and other debts we had after that.

We have no assets here or in the UK, other than our car and belongings.
So no its not cheating anyone out of anything. Its just not living in the UK... nothing cheating about that.

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