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TimBud is infamous around these partsTimBud is infamous around these parts
It shows no intent what so ever. I thought of it after you questioned my motives. So technically you lead me into it.
I can be narrow minded sometimes yes... there's pro and cons to be open and closed minded. I choose which I want to be depending on my mood. Today I'm closed mainly because you can't handle it... because you stuck in the narrow minded concept that one must be open minded.

Originally Posted by Havok_Jro View Post
Aye, the mans a fair bit older than us children spending his days arguing on a forum, clearly made some solid life choices.
Yeah, the best choice I made was leaving the UK just before it crashed.
Now live in a tax free over paid place, with a villa overlooking a lagoon and golf course.
So yes I made some solid life choices and worked damn hard to achieve it.
I can spend today arguing with you because i'm off work. Clearly you're schedule isn't much fuller. lol

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