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Originally Posted by Lynk View Post
Firstly, it's not the UK. It's an American forum with international users. Secondly, no one called you a fag. Stop playing the victim card, you've made a tit of yourself.
I said UK, because thats were most in this thread have posted from and also where I'm from.
Mods here can back me up on this, but I was called fag by one of the clever chaps who clicked the rep button... they'll also be able to see who did it if this site is set up properly.

You were the one who threw out the insults first sunshine.
I called you a child and you reacted like one with far worse insults

Thanks for being a racist twat. Let me guess, support the BNP and EDL too?
Way to pull the racist card. Gypo is not racist just stereotypical. Surprised you didn't call me agist because I called you a child.
As for the rest of you argument its not even worth me answering because my political stance is not of your business. I don't live in the UK

PS. sorry Ash (whats a United Supporting Cunt?)

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