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Originally Posted by Lynk View Post
No it hasn't. Rockstars greed, low paying missions which encourage you to either pay them to get more money or cheat are what's ruining this game. That and the fucking retarded rule where you can't blow up each others cars.

I was one of the people for whom it took 3-4 days for the game to even fucking work. And they offer me 250k? Fuck that.
LOL. All i heard was "I'm shit at playing and impatient so I cheat my way through everything I do"
"Its R*'s fault they made me do it." Learn to take responsibility for you own choices you stupid child.

Earning money in GTA is easy, you just have to spend less time running around in you tonk a tank and actually play some missions and race, etc.

Guaranteed though that you'll be bored with it all far sooner because you bullshit your way through it. Way to waste you parent money who bought you the game.

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