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GTA 4 Modding HELP

Aye yo,

I would like to have GTA 4 with ICEnhancer 2.1 or another enb+better texture pack(Lord's ones) + some vehicles+ Simple Native Trainer or Modding Pack by Hippiecommunist. With Ice+textures it isn't that bad, but all i can do is jerk it off on the graphics, I need some scripts like SNT.

Everytime I try to install all of them or just a vehicle pack I get texture pop-in, texture loading and fckn long loading time when i start the game. I've tried to install them one by one, with commandlines,change Nvidia control panel settings, but nothing works.

I have an I7 3770, 8GB RAM, ASUS GTX 770 2GB with not original Win8 and I bought it to play this game mostly, so it's fricking annoying. I use Gta 4 version.

So do you guys know any commandline that would work on my rig, or any solution? All i could figure out was scripthook makes it worse.

Help bros
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