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GTA Online Capture update coming tomorrow

GTA Online Capture, which includes 20 new jobs and four unique modes, will be included in a free automatic update tomorrow on Xbox Live and PSN. As we reported earlier this month, the new gameplay mode is Rockstar's take on the traditional capture-the-flag game, with of course some GTA-style twists:

<center><a href="/images/news/1387324847.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/news/" border="1" /></a> <a href="/images/news/1387324852.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/news/" border="1" /></a> <a href="/images/news/1387324857.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="/images/news/" border="1" /></a>
Steal a package from your opponent's base and deliver it back to yours. "Beachin'" will have you fighting over drug packages in Vespucci Beach and in "Wargames," the packages are weapon stockpiles in Fort Zancudo.</li>
Collect and store the most packages in your base. "Block Party" pits neighboring gangs in Chamberlain Hills against each other.</li>
Steal target vehicles around the map and deliver them to your base. "My Maibatsu" has four teams competing over a shipment of Sanchez bikes and "Field of Screams" will have teams competing over... tractors.</li>
Teams fight over one packaged in the middle of the map. "Salty Snatch" will be a fight for a single shipment on the pier at Chumash Beach.</li></ul>
More details are available at the <b>Rockstar Newswire</b>.
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