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Thanks. You can use the trainer to spawn objects, save them to the objects.ini, and reload whenever. Or... you can use the object placement tool v2.2 to place the objects that you saved in the trainer, into the games wpl files. That will cause them to show up without loading them in the trainer and become part of the game.

The carrier is too large and complex for me to skin with objects, so until i figure out the collision for it, i'm on hold with the rest of the project.

I know it could be done with 3ds max, but i'm trying to avoid that (no $).

I found a version of the carrier for gta sa (.dff format) that i was able to import into zmodeler. Once i figured out the textures in zmodeler, i was able to export as a wdr. I haven't been able to get it into the game yet though. It shows up in the wdr viewer in open iv, but not in my map. I am kind of winging it with adding it, so i may be doing that wrong. I've been following the same set up the mod came with. A new data/maps/nimitz folder, with new nimitz .img, .ide, .wpl files in it. Also edited the gta.dat and images text as instructed with the mod. In the maps/nimitz folder I replaced the four .wdr files with my single .wdr file and edited the .ide and .wpl in what seemed like a logical way.

That's all working under the assumption that the zomdeler export will be solid. I've also read that you can't really use zmodler for maps, but i'm stubborn and the fact that i can see it in open iv makes it seem like it should be possible.

The original carrier mod had the boat split up into 4 pieces (4 wdr files). When i exported i only created 1. So, my next attempt will be to match the hiarchy in zmodeler and export the object in the same four pieces.

If anyone knows that this won't work, please let me know. I'm discovering that modding requires wasting large amounts of time on the computer. I guess the challenge is fun though.

Anyone think if i reached out to the mod creater he (or she) would be open to moving it for me? Seems like people would be understandably touchy about others reworking their projects. This is all personal use though. Really just a learning experience.

Thanks for replies...

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