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Question Mod request, could maybe anyone...? :confused: :)

Hello Modders,
I really love old Station Wagons, generally I like older cars from 60s-80s. One of my favourite cars is the Ford LTD Crown Victoria from 1983-1987. Call me a grandma, but I love this car, don't know why . I think it's just beautifull, it's design, it's "being classic" .
On, there's a great LTD Crown Vic. avaible. Once ago there also were a Police and Taxi version, which got removed, but this does'nt matter because I've already downloaded them . So, I've got a civilian Sedan, Taxi Sedan, and a Police Sedan. What's missing? Yes, a great classic Wagon . So here's my question, could maybe anyone make a Wagon of it? That would be f*cking awseome . Should'nt be that hard for a good modder (I think so ?), because the front, engine, interior, doors, tires, floor, handling etc. are already given.

So please could anyone create one ?
(both are nearly the same)

Links to Wagon pics:

Trunk opens like a door to the left side I think so or, (what I prefere ) like a Pick-Up Truck sidegate (Is sidegeat right? If not I hope you know what I mean, I'm German. ). The rear window goes down into the sidegate and then it opens Pick-Up style. And please, if you create it, DO NOT make some wood at the sides and also, please DO NOT take this '87 LTD from carface80, its really not so good like the ones from pumbars & boow, and it's to small, looks dumb next to another car . If anyone want to have the Taxi and Police versions, I could sent you them.

THX and greetings from Germany.

I even found this:

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