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How to Save a Bulldozer, Tank, Helicopter, or Plane in your Garage!

Step 1: Locate Desired non-premium vehicle (Buzzard/Dumptruck/Bus/Police Vehicles/ Tank/Propeller Airplanes)
Step 2: Remove Drivers Door
Step 3: Park Horizontally 3 feet in front of garage door
Step 4: Keep Re-entering vehicle & inching closer until you trigger the animation
Step 5: Wait for me to finish the video guide to insure aforementioned vehicles!

Visual Learners Click Here for the 2 Minute Video Guide Showing Exactly How its Done

The Last glitch we posted lasted all of 2 days before they patched it so if you want to be able to call your mechanic and have him hand deliver you an attack helicopter speak now or forever hold your peace.
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